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This And Just Like That... Continuity Error About Aidan Has Gone Viral

Let’s check that math.

Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett on 'And Just Like That...' Photo via Max
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During the Aug. 3 episode of And Just Like That..., Carrie and Aidan’s rekindled relationship progressed — rapidly. Though the former couple initially struggled under the weight of their baggage, they decided to avoid Carrie’s more-or-less haunted apartment (the site of said baggage) and instead spend lots of money on hotel stays. Carrie told Miranda it was the best sex she’s ever had, and confessed she was even wondering if her entire marriage to Mr. Big was a mistake.

In more good news for Team Aidan: The pair essentially moved into Che’s apartment together and even made plans for Carrie to visit Aidan in his new home of Norfolk, Virginia, where he lives with his three sons (when they’re not with their mom). Their ages, Carrie relayed to her friends, are 14, 17, and 20. Miranda didn’t react to this, but she should have — because the casual fact represented a rift in the space-time continuum. Or, you know, a continuity error.

As several viewers pointed out on Twitter and Reddit, Aidan’s oldest son should be younger than Miranda’s son, Brady. Miranda gave birth to Brady at the end of Sex and the City Season 4, just a few episodes after Carrie and Aidan broke up for the second time. Granted, Aidan seemed to move on pretty quickly: By the first episode of Season 6, he was married and baby-wearing his infant son, Tate. But still! There’s no way for Tate to be older than Brady, who is definitely still a teenager as of And Just Like That...


There’s the rub, though. It seems that Tate actually should be 20-ish based on the timeline of the franchise, as he debuted in 2003. Brady, on the other hand, was aged down for the show and should really be at least 21 by now, since his on-screen birthday was in 2002. The young Hobbes’ incorrect age is simply having a ripple effect on his fellow, fictional kids.

It’s not the only And Just Like That... continuity error to catch the attention of detail-oriented fans. Earlier this season, several viewers pointed out that a throwaway comment by Harry implied that his mom was alive well after he met Charlotte — which, if you remember the circumstances of their early relationship, doesn’t really track.

Of course, it goes without saying that none of these mistakes make that much of a difference in the long run — though it’s certainly a fun exercise to put your fandom knowledge to the test and hunt for Easter eggs and errors.