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Are Rodney & Lace Together After Bachelor In Paradise?

Eliza’s arrival shook things up for Paradise’s “most shocking” couple.

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Despite a brief relationship on 'Bachelor in Paradise,' Rodney and Lace may not last much longer. Ph...
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Late arrivals to the beach always have a way of shaking things up on Bachelor in Paradise — and this season, Rodney Mathews proved to be no exception. After having a good conversation with Rodney, Teddi Wright realized “there might be something missing with Andrew [Spencer]” and ultimately left the resort early.

It didn’t take too long for Rodney to find another potential Paradise connection, though. In the show’s Oct. 10 episode (the same night of Teddi’s departure), he was actually approached by Lace Morris, and the pair seemed to click right away. “This handsome man lights up the beach,” she said in a confessional. “His big, white, pearly teeth and his big smile — it was just the energy we all needed.”

The attraction was clearly mutual. After flirting by the bar, Rodney and Lace ended the evening with a steamy makeout session on the beach — a turn of events that their fellow Paradise residents definitely did not see coming. “I didn’t want to look, but I couldn’t stop looking,” resident Bachelor Nation reaction man Justin Glaze said at the time. “I’m like, ‘Is anyone else seeing this?’ This may be the most shocking couple in Paradise history.”

ABC/Craig Sjodin

But flash forward to the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, and things are looking much rougher for Rodney and Lace’s relationship status. After the cast shake-up, in which the women left the beach to be replaced by a new set of suitors, Rodney started talking to newcomer Eliza Isichei. “It’s tough for me this week, being caught between two amazing people. And so, I have a lot to figure out,” he said in a confessional.

However, Rodney didn’t seem too torn when confiding in Andrew moments later. “While I talk to Eliza, Lace has not been on my mind ... I hope that she’s not just sitting there, thinking about it,” he said. She was, however, sitting there thinking about it. Ultimately, Lace decided to confront Rodney back at the beach so they could talk about where they stood. However, Rodney was returning from a date with Eliza at the time, leading to a very emotional cliffhanger.

At this point, if you’re wondering whether Rodney and Lace are still together after Paradise, you can pretty safely guess no — as Rodney made his feelings for Eliza very clear. As for Rodney and Eliza’s relationship status? There are some interesting Bachelor in Paradise spoilers out there if you’re so inclined. If you’re not, well, stop here — because there are spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 ahead!

According to Reality Steve, Rodney does, indeed, choose Eliza over Lace. However, the Bachelor Nation expert adds that Rodney and Eliza’s bond may not last much longer. Eliza reportedly “felt pressured” to give Rodney her rose at an upcoming ceremony, a matter that’s complicated by Justin Glaze, another potential interest who is rumored to return to the beach soon. Reality Steve writes that Eliza and Rodney broke up and left Paradise.

If he’s not with Lace anymore and doesn’t end up with Eliza, what might the future hold for BiP fave Rodney? Back in May, his bestie Nayte Olukoya told Bachelor Happy Hour what he deserved in a relationship. “[He] can get thrown into any group of people at any time, and this guy is just on it,” Nayte said — adding that he needs someone who will “let Rodney be Rod, and never try to hold him back, or change the type of person he is.”

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