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Are The Moon Knight & Eternals Museums The Same Location?

Because what *isn’t* connected in the MCU?

'Eternals' and 'Moon Knight' have something in common. Photo via Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

Spoilers ahead for Moon Knight Episode 1. In Episode 1 of Moon Knight, we’re introduced to two Oscar Isaacs. It’s not a Parent Trap kind of situation (wouldn’t that be fun?), but rather multiple personalities. One of his identities is a skilled mercenary named Marc Spector, while the other is a mild-mannered gift shop worker named Steven Grant. The latter’s quiet day job at a museum is a far cry from the globe-trotting, mythological adventure he’s soon thrust into — but it may still be significant in its own way.

Moon Knight isn’t the only recent Marvel Cinematic Universe project to begin at a London museum. As you might remember from Eternals, Sersi and Dane Whitman worked together at one before the Emergence put a wrench in things. If you find yourself wondering if the Moon Knight museum is the same as the one from Eternals, you’re probably in good company.

Though it’s easy to miss for those of us who don’t live in London and aren’t international museum experts, the two locations are different museums. When Steven first shows up at work during Episode 1 of Moon Knight, the facade of the building reads National Art Gallery — as Redditor u/DoranTheRhythmStick points out, it appears to be a CGI blend of the IRL National Gallery and British Museum. But if you rewatch Eternals, you’ll see that Sersi and Dane’s museum is the actual Natural History Museum — still in London, just a different institution.

Marvel Studios

But this doesn’t rule out a connection between Eternals and Moon Knight. In fact, several MCU fans have theorized the two properties could converge soon. As Screen Rant points out, both the film and the series feature “ancient mysteries with deep mystical connections.” Remember, as that Eternals post-credits scene confirmed, Dane is well on his way to fulfilling his destiny as the Black Knight, courtesy of the very powerful (and cursed) Ebony Blade. And as Inverse puts it, both Steven/Mark and the Eternals have complicated relationships with the gods that provided their powers. Nerdist even suggests that Dane and Steven “have probably shared a pint” simply by working so close together in the same field, which sounds like it would make for a great post-credits scene at the very least.

Despite their similar hero nicknames, Black Knight and Moon Knight haven’t collaborated in the Marvel Comics, but here’s hoping that will change very soon.

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