These Barbie Trailer Easter Eggs May Reveal What The Movie Is Actually About

Margot Robbie’s pink gingham dress looks awfully familiar.

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'Barbie' Trailer Easter Eggs Hint At A 'Wizard Of Oz'-Like Plot
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People can’t stop talking about the Barbie movie, between the cast posters of Barbies and Kens and the Barbie Selfie generator. However, details of the movie’s plot seem murky. Ryan Gosling, who plays Ken, once joked that he couldn’t give the plot away because “Mattel will come in and box me up.” But TikTok’s discovery of several Easter eggs might have cracked the whole thing open.

TikTok user @catquinn broke down the homages paid to a classic film — and they make a ton of sense. “In the trailer, Barbie is wearing a pink gingham dress,” she says, “not unlike Dorothy’s iconic gingham dress in The Wizard of Oz. Then when she’s driving, she passes by three movie posters, all portraying Wizard of Oz characters and Wizard Of Oz on the marquee.” Dorothy, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion appear on those posters. The Easter eggs don’t stop there. Margot Robbie’s Barbie is driving on what appears to be a Barbie pink version of the iconic Yellow Brick Road from the 1939 movie, which Dorothy and company follow to get to Emerald City.

“I think we’re looking at an epic journey to another world, filled with people that she helps along the way,” Quinn posits. “When she gets there, she realizes that this seemingly gilded place is actually pretty wicked.” Sounds similar to Dorothy’s adventure to the idyllic metropolis, right?

Quinn also predicts that in order to get back home, Barbie may have to tap her Barbie pink slippers three times — just like Dorothy did with her ruby slippers

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. Pictures’ synopsis of the movie reads: “After being expelled from Barbieland for being a less-than-perfect-looking doll, Barbie sets off for the human world to find true happiness.” Considering this brief summary after checking out Quinn’s breakdown of the clues scattered throughout the trailer, this theory makes a lot of sense.

Exactly what kind of adventure Robbie’s Barbie goes on remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure — Ken’s got his rollerskates, just in case.

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