Love In Colour Author Bolu Babalola Has 2 New Novels Coming

The first, Honey & Spice, is set to hit shelves in 2022.

Courtesy of Bolu Babalola

Fans of stories that look at themes of love, loss, and empowerment will be pleased to hear that Headline Review has bought two more books from Bolu Babalola. The first, Honey & Spice, is set to hit the shelves in 2022.

Honey & Spice is a book about a very modern dating phenomenon: “situationships.” Kiki Banjo knows what she wants and isn’t about to settle for anything less. Soon she meets Malakai Korede, a man she denounces as "The Wasteman of Whitewell", and finds herself embroiled in a fake relationship that starts to feel very real.

"I am elated for the world to finally meet Kiki and Malaka," said Babalola in a statement given to the press. "This story was years in the making and so much love was poured into it. The universe of Honey & Spice is so special to me; it’s one of friendship and inner growth, romance and the strength in allowing yourself to open yourself up to love and community; to be truly understood and to be seen. It is my hope that many feel understood and seen by it."

On her Twitter, Babalola wrote: "This has been technically four years coming, but really it's been my whole life. Four years, three versions, a masters degree and another book in between. I am so excited to share my debut novel HONEY & SPICE! (Plus one more!) Glory be to God."

Commissioning editor at Headline Katie Packer worked with Babalola on the Sunday Times bestseller Love in Colour and said it was one of the highlights of her career so far. "It was only right we continue this journey with two incredible new novels," Packer added. "I was hooked on Honey & Spice from the first chapter; so full of Bolu’s warmth, humour and love of love."

In an interview after Love In Colour was published, Babalola told the Guardian, "my stories will have happy endings, but that’s also a perspective that can help shift the way you see things in real life. People think of love as a fluffy emotion, but it’s not – it’s steely and powerful and it can bring out courage in us."

She touched readers with her adaptations of classic love stories in Love In Colour, and now we have even more to look forward to. Not a lot is known about the this novel Babalola is working on for Headline, but watch this space.