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Brandi Marshall From Selling The OC Goes *Way* Back With Her Husband

It’s a relationship decades in the making.

Brandi Marshall on 'Selling the OC.' Photo via Netflix

Real estate drama is an inherent part of The Oppenheim Group’s ever-expanding reality franchise — but as Selling The OC star Brandi Marshall revealed in Season 1, she has her reasons for not getting too bothered by the noise. “I just laugh when I start getting dragged into the drama, because I’m like, Y’all do not have a clue. I do not care about this,” she explained, after sharing that her mom was going through chemotherapy in another state. “I’m hustling to give my mom everything that she worked hard for. I’m hustling to give my children a future that most Black little kids don’t get.”

Of course, that isn’t to say Brandi completely avoids drama. In a first look at Selling The OC Season 2, for example, Brandi expressed her disapproval of Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall potentially getting together — adding that their friendship looked “too friendly” at times, and was generating “messy” speculation about the firm.

“You’re going through a public divorce,” Brandi told Tyler, referencing his split from actor Brittany Snow. “Alex should not be anywhere attached to it.”

While Tyler’s divorce fuels drama in Season 2, Brandi’s own relationship is a much different story. In honor of the latest installment dropping on Sept. 8, here’s everything to know about Brandi’s husband, family, and life outside The O Group.

Brandi Marshall’s Husband

Brandi is married to Sean Marshall, an entrepreneur and retired basketball player. Brandi and Sean met when they were kids but started dating as adults, they shared with Boston College Magazine.

“My wife has always been there for me during my basketball career, taking pictures of me with fans and kind of standing back,” Sean told his alma mater. “Now, the roles are reversed. I’m the person holding the camera in the back, and I love it.”

Brandi Marshall’s Family

Brandi and Sean share two children — who, Brandi told Netflix last year, are the inspiration for their parents’ career moves.

“Sean and I were strategically like, ‘We have to be the one to break the cycle, to show our children different ways to manage their money, different ways to grow generational wealth,’” she said. “I want to set up the futures of my children’s children.”

As Brandi previously shared on Selling The OC, she was also very close with her mom. “She did everything for me when I was growing up. So it’s my turn to do everything for her,” she said in Season 1. Sadly, Brandi’s mom passed away last year.

“The most devoted and protective mother and grandmother a person could ever ask for,” Brandi wrote in December. “I wouldn’t be the woman that I am today without you.”

The Oppenheim Group agent recently wrote on Threads that her mom’s influence could be felt during the latest installment of Selling The OC. “I'm Angela's daughter on Season 2,” she said. “If you know my mom you know exactly what I mean! #RIPMOM.”

Similarly, Brandi told Bustle that her mom is “guiding” her to this day. “Some of the morality and some of the things that she taught me growing up, you see that in the show,” she said.

Brandi Marshall’s Instagram

In addition to showcasing snaps of her loved ones, Brandi’s Instagram features listings and collaborations with brands like Bio-Oil and Fashion Nova.

She also has fun reacting to the events of Selling The OC. The screening of Season 2, for example, prompted a scream. “Wiiiild,” she described the season.