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Jonathan Bailey’s New Role Is Drastically Different From Bridgerton

The dashing viscount has bid farewell to The Ton. For now, at least.

'Bridgerton': Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton in Season 2

Since he stepped up to the role of lead male actor in Bridgerton Season 2, all eyes have been on Jonathan Bailey to see what he’s going to do next. And it just so happens that the star is planning on making his mark in another TV series. Leaving the Regency era behind, Bailey has landed a lead role in LGBTQ+ political thriller Fellow Travellers, in which he’ll star alongside Matt Bomer. Earlier this year, Bailey recalled how he once feared that being a gay man would stifle his career. We’re glad to see that the actor’s professional life is going swimmingly.

With Season 3 of Bridgerton reportedly underway, it is unclear whether Bailey’s involvement in Fellow Travellers will affect his part in the Netflix period drama. However, Bailey will no longer be the lead male of The Ton, that honour will fall to his character Anthony Bridgerton’s younger brother Colin (Luke Newton), whose romantic life will be the central focus.

Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer are both gay-identifying actors who have spoken out in the past about their coming-out experiences. 44-year-old Bomer announced his sexuality in 2012 and has since gone on to marry his husband Simon Halls and have three children together.

Read on for everything you need to know of his upcoming project.

Fellow Travellers Cast

Bailey will portray the role of Fordham University graduate Tim Laughlin. American Horror Story’s Matt Bomer will play his on-screen lover, Hawkins Fuller. The Mindy Project’s Allison Williams is also set to star in the series, portraying the character of Lucy Smith.

Interestingly, Bailey and Bomer are both gay-identifying actors, who have spoken about belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. Bomer and his husband Simon Halls have three children together.

Fellow Travellers Plot

Fellow Travellers is based in 1950s Washington D.C and follows the lead duo as they enter an unstable romance, which spans decades. Sticking closely to the period drama, viewers can expect pivotal timepoints such as the 1960s Vietnam War, the 1970s disco era, and the 1980s AIDS crisis to be addressed throughout the series.

Fellow Travellers Trailer and Release Date

As it’s still early days, we’re sadly a long way out from this. But as soon as there’s an update, we’ll be sure to let you know.