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Readers, Bridgerton’s Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey Have *A Lot* Of Chemistry

The duo shared laughs and hugs at the BAFTAs.

Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley
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Our earliest glimpses of actors Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey as a double act in Bridgerton have been shrouded in scandal, steamy camera shots, and plenty of frilly ruffs. In a trailer teasing the period drama’s long-awaited second season, set to air on Mar 25, Bailey’s character Anthony Bridgerton spends much of the time galavanting around with his kit off, and looking sexy as an alternative Mr. Darcy, while exchanging brooding glances and lingering handholds with Ashley’s headstrong new arrival Kate Sharma. And so naturally, fans were delighted to see the Georgian duo back together in the present day, posing together on the BAFTA red carpet.

The Sex Education alum and her co-star Bailey, who recently opened up about coming out as gay, were snapped having a chuckle together on the red carpet at last night’s BAFTA awards as they posed for photos together. Ashley brought a dose of highlighter-pen chic to the carpet in a hot pink Valentino jumpsuit (straight off the runway from Pierpaolo Piccioli's recent all-pink AW 2022 show) while Bailey kept things simple in an all-black Dior suit and snake brooch.

Later in the evening, the pair were on top form as they presented the prize for Best Costume Design to Cruella’s Jenny Beavan. Ahead of announcing the nominees, Bailey fitted in a quick quip referencing the amount of times he’s required to undress in his current role. “As I learned from my role in Bridgerton, an actor is only as good as the clothes they take off,” he said.

Speaking to Glamour, Simone Ashley previously revealed that she and Bailey became friends during filming and began a sweet new tradition while they made Bridgeton. After her new co-star sent flowers on the first day of shooting, Ashley thanked him by returning the favour with a different gift, and the cycle continued. “I would always leave him his favourite snacks in his trailer,” she said. “We had a very unspoken rhythm going on in that sense, leaving gifts in each other’s trailers.” Very cute indeed.

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