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Bridgerton’s Costume Designers Quashed A Viral Season 3 Theory

Fans were convinced they’d found an Eloise Easter egg.

Eloise Bridgerton in Season 3.
Netflix / 'Bridgerton'

A viral Bridgerton fan theory has been debunked. After the release of Season 3 (the second part of which dropped on June 13), fans have been looking out for any potential clues about the upcoming fourth season, and their attention was drawn to Eloise Bridgerton’s wardrobe.

On Reddit, some fans claimed that a ballgown worn by Eloise (played by Claudia Jessie) was possibly an Easter egg relating to her love story in Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton novel, To Sir Philip, with Love, in which the character falls in love with Sir Philip Cane.

Fans pointed out that not only was Eloise’s dress designed in Philip’s favorite color (light green), the garment also featured a flower pattern that closely resembled a geranium — the flowers Philip sends Eloise in the book.

Despite gaining traction among viewers online, Bridgerton costume designers, John Glaser, George Sayer, and Dougie Hawkes, poured cold water on the theory, telling People that Eloise’s dress details are simply a coincidence.

“The intention wasn't there,” Sayer explained, while Glaser added, “Some things are just done inherently. It's after the fact when people dissect it, I do sometimes think, ‘I had no idea we did that.’ It just was there. It's flattering to think that we're that smart. We're not.”

Netflix / 'Bridgerton'

While the Eloise dress theory proved incorrect, the show’s costume designers have been known to drop Bridgerton Easter Eggs via character outfits before.

When Season 2 debuted on Netflix in 2021, fans theorized that a green dress worn by Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) was intended as a clue about her love story with Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton), which eventually played out in the newly-released Season 3.

Speaking to People, costume designer Sophie Canale confirmed this was indeed the case, as Penelope’s green gown symbolized the mixing of her family’s yellow color palette and Colin’s blue color palette.

Another Eloise Theory

Fans also recently theorized that Eloise might end up marrying Lord Debling in the Netflix series. However, the character ties the knot with Sir Phillip Crane in the original Bridgerton books. Given the show hasn’t changed a character’s love interest thus far, this particular theory seems unlikely.