The Bridgertons' Most Stubborn Son Could Inherit The Featherington House

Five theories point to surprising heirs.

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Who will inherit the Featherington House on 'Bridgerton'? Photo via Netflix

Checking on all fans of Bridgerton: It’s probably been a minute since you watched the Season 1 finale, but have you truly recovered? Released in December 2020, the first set of episodes of the Shondaland-produced Regency-era series ends with a few twists that viewers — and fans of Julia Quinn's original book series — did not see coming. Between the reveal of Lady Whistledown's identity, the birth of Daphne and Simon’s son, and the death of Lord Featherington, there’s a lot to be addressed when the highly anticipated Season 2 arrives on Netflix on March 25.

After Lord Featherington’s passing, Lady Featherington opened a note that revealed the name of whoever is set to inherit the family’s estate. Based on her shocked reaction, she’s not pleased with whoever it is. Given that Netflix created this plotline specifically for the TV series, there’s no way to truly predict the fate of the Featherington estate, leaving viewers with a major question: Who is going to inherit it?

While you await the answer, which will hopefully come in Season 2, check out five theories about whose name is written on the ominous note.

Marina Thompson

This theory may be a bit of a stretch as the heir is likely male, but Season 1 revealed that Lord Featherington owed Marina Thompson’s father a huge favor and that she can't stay with her father while she's pregnant. It’s not entirely out of the question that — in a wild turn of events — Thompson could receive the estate. It’d easily explain Lady Featherington’s less-than-excited response to the name reveal, and it’d certainly throw her for a loop after making Marina Thompson’s life a living hell in Season 1. Oh, how the tables can turn...

Will Mondrich

Before his passing, Lord Featherington bet his fortune on a boxing match and convinced boxer Will Mondrich to rig the fight in his favor. Of course, Featherington was exposed and then killed for fixing the game, though the events left fans pondering a theory in which Mondrich inherits the estate. It’s a little far-fetched, but not impossible that Lord Featherington could have promised him the estate while pushing him to throw the fight.

Anthony Bridgerton

None of Season 1’s storylines lead us to believe that stubborn Anthony Bridgerton will inherit the Featherington home. But hey, some viewers think it’s possible, and this entire subplot is nowhere to be found in Julia Quinn’s book series, so who’s to say what’s realistic? After all, the two families are distantly related, and considering there are no direct male Featherington heirs, it would make sense for the estate to go to the eldest Bridgerton son.

A Featherington Relative

With Lord Featherington no longer around, a logical heir to his estate could be his brother, father, or another family member. Considering Lady Featherington’s distraught reaction to the name she read, it would make sense for the heir to have some long-running history with the estate’s recipient.

A Brand-New Character

As previously mentioned, the entire Featherington estate subplot (along with Lord Featherington’s gambling habit) isn't present in the original Bridgerton stories. The Netflix series has already taken major liberties in its storytelling, so it’s not out of the question for the heir to be revealed as an entirely new character we haven't met yet. But if that’s the case, we need to know immediately — how many hours until Season 2 drops?!

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