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All The Clues Charity & Dotun Are Engaged After The Bachelorette

Potential spoilers tease a happy ending.

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Charity Lawson and Dotun Olubeko are rumored to make it far in 'The Bachelorette' Season 20.
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For his first one-on-one date with Charity on The Bachelorette, Dotun Olubeko took a literal leap of faith. Despite his fear of heights, the 30-year-old integrative medicine specialist explained he was ready to “conquer something” new before bungee jumping with the Season 20 lead in a preview of ABC’s July 17 episode. Though it remains to be seen if Charity and Dotun also fall in love and get engaged in the Bachelorette finale, there are several telling clues working in their favor.

For starters, the duo’s chemistry was palpable when Charity brought him to her room for a “more intimate” conversation during the Barbie movie-themed group date, which Dotun ended with a rose. Explaining that “kindred spirit” Charity possesses the kind of confidence that he can learn from and that he has never had in previous relationships, the Nigerian-born suitor moved the Bachelorette to tears. “I feel some type of way,” he told her. “It’s just so crazy to me to watch you become what I’m seeing as my ideal woman, and that’s a huge deal.” Agreeing that “there’s definitely something” between them, Charity told Dotun he’d touched her soul, adding that she wasn’t used to someone giving her such kind compliments.

Potential spoilers ahead. That’s hardly the only alone time they’ll reportedly get this season either: Reality Steve shared photos from Charity and Dotun’s second one-on-one date on April 8. Decked out in Mardi Gras-themed gear, the pair ran in New Orleans’ annual Crescent City Classic 10k. The historically spot-on Bachelor Nation blogger also reported that, not only does Dotun score a hometown date in northern California, but he could even be in Charity’s final two, alongside either Xavier Bonner or Joey Graziadei. Citing photos of the Brooklyn resident in Fiji for overnights, Reality Steve reported that Aaron Bryant will be on Bachelor in Paradise, making him the likely third-place finisher.

Not only does it seem that Dotun got down on one knee in the finale, but he and Charity might’ve already accidentally spoiled that they’re still together, too. On the July 7 episode of his podcast, Reality Steve cited a pair of images they reportedly posted to their Instagram Stories about 24 hours apart, supposedly taken at the same restaurant, Dutch Fred’s, in NYC, where Dotun currently lives. However, he also cautioned that “there’s no way that Dotun and Charity were at the restaurant together at the same time, sitting at the same table, having a romantic dinner together” because the “whole point of the show is to keep the final couple hidden as much as possible.”

On Instagram, Dotun hasn’t offered much more insight into what he’s been doing since filming wrapped in late April. Aside from some glimpses of him spending time with friends and family and traveling in May, the medical consultant, who crafts nutrition and fitness plans for clients, thanked fans for his positive reception as one of Charity’s frontrunners. “Live to fight another day,” he captioned a post-episode Bachelorette still on June 27. “I also want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the overwhelming support and positivity I’ve felt since the announcement of my participation, and express my deepest gratitude to everyone. It was so unexpected and I do not take that for granted.”

Regardless of whether or not Dotun’s Bachelorette journey ends with a proposal, Charity has hinted that she got engaged in Fiji. The North Carolina-based child and family therapist might still leave viewers guessing along the way, though. “I thought I had a feeling of where things were going to go, but what's so crazy is in something as wild as this experience, I have learned that anything can change in a matter of a day, hours,” Charity told People, hinting that she went “back and forth a little bit” on her total commitment to a finale engagement. “It was something that I had to really wait out until the end to be 100 percent certain with myself.”

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