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Colton Underwood Calls Out The Bachelor For Throwing Contestants "To The Wolves"

The controversial former lead wants the franchise to change.

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Former Bachelor lead Colton Underwood wants to see some changes within his former franchise. In a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen turned over the question-asking duties to some fans, and one asked the controversial lead about “the number one thing that the Bachelor franchise could improve upon."

Colton flatly responded, "I think listening to its former leads and listening to its contestants and also providing help for them when they need it after the show." Colton added, “They really come in and change your life and then sort of throw you to the wolves. So, that would be my advice.”

Now, it’s unclear if Colton is referencing his particular season, but we all know how that ended: with a restraining order and Cassie Randolph claiming he put a tracking device on her car. Still, there’s definitely something to be said about Colton’s take, especially given the publicity the show heaves upon its leads and contestants.

Everyone who appears on the show is subject to intense scrutiny, a fact the show even addressed in past seasons. On the surface, Colton’s advice makes sense — it’s just a little hard to digest when it comes from the mouth of one of the most unsavory leads the shows ever had. That said, if the show is going to turn everyday singles into national figures for several weeks and maybe even years, there’s a case to be made about whether or not the franchise has a responsibility to guide them. Only time will tell if The Bachelor decides to take a more hands-on approach with its leads and contestants.