Everything To Know About Girls5eva Season 3

Peacock has yet to renew the musical comedy, but its stars seem ready for Season 3.

Busy Phillips as Summer, Renée Elise Goldsberry as Wickie, Sara Bareillis as Dawn, Paula Pell as Glo...
Heidi Gutman/Peacock

Already out of danger of being a one-hit wonder, Peacock’s Girls5eva wrapped its second season on June 9. The streamer’s Emmy-nominated musical comedy, which follows the resurgence of a ’90s girl group after a young rapper samples their music, continued to center on the women as they balanced “spouses, kids, jobs, debt, aging parents, and shoulder pain” — all while chasing their pop star dreams. Though Peacock has yet to renew Girls5eva for Season 3, star Sara Bareilles told Bustle last May that the feel-good show is exactly the escapism we all need.

“I was so grateful for the catharsis of laughter, I couldn’t believe the great fortune of getting to work on a comedy after going through so much loss and grief [during the pandemic],” the Grammy winner shared. “It’s really nice to see women taking a big swing and knowing it’s not going to go perfectly.”

Peacock announced the Season 2 renewal in mid-June 2021, about a month after all the episodes dropped, so another announcement could be forthcoming early this summer. While it’s currently unclear what else lies ahead in the group’s future, here’s everything we know about Girls5eva Season 3, so far.

The Girls5eva Season 3 Cast

Heidi Gutman/Peacok

Joining Bareilles as the Girls5eva stars likely to return for a potential third season are her fellow group members Renée Elise Goldsberry (Wickie), Busy Philipps (Summer), and Paula Pell (Gloria). “We are all women of a certain age, who’ve seen it all, done it all, been there for it all,” Philipps told Vanity Fair of the cast camaraderie in May. “And we know the horror of all of it. We are incredibly, incredibly lucky to be where we are. And there’s not a moment we forget that.”

More recently, Pell also gushed about starring in the series, calling her co-stars “the dream girls I work with” in an Instagram caption on June 5. “I love this show and hope it fills you will some much needed joy,” she added, in part.

Season 2 featured several new and returning guest actors, including Daniel Breaker, Andrew Rannells, Ashley Park, Jonathan Hadary, Amy Sedaris, Hoda Kotb, Amber Ruffin, Mario Cantone, Tim Meadows, Chad L. Coleman, Heidi Gardner, Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, and The Circle’s Joey Sasso. Similarly, a mix of new faces and familiar characters could appear in Season 3, if the show is renewed.

The Girls5eva Season 3 Plot

In Season 2, the women went into full “album mode” after being given only six weeks to write and record the entire project. While the culmination of that tricky journey provided a potential launching pad for Season 3, specific storylines aren’t likely to be plotted out anytime soon. According to Vanity Fair, unlike many other TV shows, the Meredith Scardino-created Girls5eva, which Tina Fey co-produces, alongside Jeff Richmond and Robert Carlock, is being written as it’s shot. As such, the cast typically has no more than a few hours to learn the music, lyrics, and choreography for any given number.

Heidi Gutman/Peacock

Though Gloria dropped the Season 1-ending bombshell that Ashley might have faked her death, the show’s latest outing revealed that their late fifth member did, indeed, meet her demise in an infinity pool accident. Don’t count out more Ashley flashback scenes in Season 3, either way, though — or the potential for plenty more musical earworms, courtesy of her four surviving bandmates.

The Girls5eva Season 3 Premiere Date

After Peacock debuted all eight Girls5eva Season 1 episodes in May 2021, the streaming service switched it up for Season 2 a year later, releasing weekly episodes instead. Given that both installments began airing in May, it seems likely that Season 3 would premiere in May 2023.

This post will be updated as more Girls5eva Season 3 details become available.