Hailey Bieber Reveals When She & Justin Will Start Trying For A Baby

The pop star wanted the model to “squish out a nugget” this year.

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It’s been about three-and-a-half years since Justin and Hailey Bieber exchanged their vows at a New York City courthouse, but the model is in no rush to have kids. In a new interview with WSJ magazine, Hailey said that she and Justin would try for a baby “ideally in the next couple of years,” but nothing is set in stone. “There’s a reason they call it try, right?” she asked. “You don’t know how long that process is ever going to take.”

“Definitely no kids this year; that would be a little bit hectic, I think,” Hailey continued, explaining that she felt a lot of pressure to get pregnant soon after she and the pop star tied the knot. “There’s this thing that happens for women when you get married,” she said. “Everybody always assumes it’s: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby. Well, what about all the things I want to accomplish in my business?” Hailey is reportedly launching a skincare line called Rhode later this year.

Bieber, 25, also told the magazine that the goalpost for when she and Justin will have a baby is always changing. “I think I had it ingrained in my head that I was going to want to have kids right away and I was going to want to have kids super, super young,” she revealed. “Then I turned 25 and I’m like, I’m still super, super young!” But even though she’s willing to wait to expand their family, Justin seems slightly more eager to get started.

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In the “Sorry” singer’s Amazon Prime documentary, Justin Bieber: Our World, which came out last October, he said his goals for 2021 were to “put family first... and hopefully we will squish out a nugget.” He then turned to his wife and proposed a timeline. “At the end of 2021 how about we start trying?” he asked. Hailey didn’t give a definitive answer, but Justin was convinced it was the right time. “My home life is so taken care of,” he said. “I just feel like I can do anything when it comes to my job.”

Although their family plans appear to be on hold, the duo is certainly enjoying their alone time. In the documentary, Justin said that their marriage has been good for his “mental health, heart, and spirit.” For Hailey, it’s the normalcy in their relationship that she values the most. “Behind closed doors, we’re two really normal people that just have not-normal lifestyles and careers,” she told WSJ. “I think given the magnitude of Justin’s career, he’s a very normal person, and I don’t think that always happens.”

The model also thinks that she and Justin complement each other well not because of their similarities, but because of their differences. “When it comes to style and taste in music, there is a lot of similar taste there but there is also a lot of opposite…which I think is cool,” she said. It’s for this reason that they’re always learning something new from each other. “I don’t think you can be the exact same as your partner,” she said. “I would not want to be the male version of me.”