Harry Styles’ Don’t Worry Darling Accent Has Sparked Major Confusion

One critic labelled it “intentionally dodgy.”

'Don't Worry Darling: still, featuring actor Harry Styles

He’s celebrated across the globe for his dulcet tones, but singer-turned-actor Harry Styles is catching a little more heat when it comes to his big screen voice. Specifically, his accent in the upcoming film Don’t Worry Darling. The project has been marred with controversy so far, with rumours of a fall-out between Styles’ real-life girlfriend, the film’s director Olivia Wilde, and lead actor Florence Pugh. Now, following the title’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Styles’ accent has come under fire, with viewers seemingly unable to pinpoint its intended origin.

One critic for The Guardian labelled Styles’ twang as “intentionally dodgy,” while another hesitatingly referred to it as “avant garde.” Meanwhile, The Daily Beast said of Styles’ efforts: “His bastardised British accent is a distraction.” USA Today also commented on the 28-year-old’s attempts, describing it as: “all over the place.”

Meanwhile, fans on Twitter were equally confused upon viewing a clip of Don’t Worry Darling. “Love Harry, but where was the dialect coach?” one fan lamented. Another joked: “I don’t get all the hate? 5 accents in 20 seconds. That’s called range.”

Worcestershire-born Styles, who splits his time between the U.S. and UK, has previously spoken about his real-life muddled accent, admitting it’s “a little bit all over the place.” And this isn’t the first time people have reacted to a One Direction member’s accent. Earlier this year, Styles’ former bandmate Liam Payne left fans bewildered after an appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.