Hilary Duff Celebrating Her Son’s 9th Birthday Will Make You Feel Ancient

“9???? How?” is exactly what we’re all asking.

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 12: Hilary Duff and son Luca attend the Monster Jam Celebrity Event at...
Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Not only has it been more than 20 years since the premiere of Lizzie McGuire, but nine years have already passed since the show’s star gave birth to her first child, making every millennial on feel super old. Hilary Duff celebrated her son Luca’s 9th birthday by asking the question we’re all thinking: “9???? How?” The big celebration comes as Duff prepares to give birth to her third child, who is due any day now.

The Younger star commemorated Luca’s birthday by sharing photo of blue birthday balloons from his birthday party, which was kept small and safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “Was so happy to celebrate this year in a (safe) more normal way and make this dude feel extra special!” she wrote on Instagram. “You know it's been a big day when there has been zero posting… nor did I have time to make a video with memories from our past year with whatever stock music Instagram won’t flag me for.”

So instead of creating a slideshow, Duff simply paid tribute to her son, who she shares with ex-husband Mike Comrie, with very sweet words: “Luca provided me with the best 9 years of my life and taught me that my heart can just keep growing bigger and bigger and that it’s truly endless.”

Duff’s husband Matthew Koma also shared his own tribute to his stepson on Instagram, right before the big day. “It’s my little dude's 9th birthday tomorrow and he asked me to put Green Day on in the car last week,” he wrote. “Old Green Day. Makes me tear up.”

Duff and Koma are preparing to welcome their new addition any day now. The couple announced that they were expecting their second child together back in October 2020, after giving birth to daughter Banks Violet in 2018. This time, they won’t find out the baby’s sex until the birth. However, she’s currently predicting she’ll have another boy, as she told host Dr. Elliot Berlin on the Informed Pregnancy podcast. “Honestly, I’m just saying boy,” she said. “I really don’t have a strong feeling about it either way, which made me feel guilty for the longest time. I was like, ‘I should know, it’s inside my body. It’s my baby, I should know.’”

Although Duff wasn’t sweating about the baby’s sex, she was concerned that their birthday would end up clashing with Luca’s. “I desperately didn’t want to have a baby on his birthday so he could keep his day all to himself,” she said, deeming her mission a “success.” But now, she’s ready for her new addition to just come already. “Now please please body let’s do this,” she pleaded. If anyone could will a baby to be born, it’s definitely Lizzie McGuire.