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13 Shows & Movies Every Hilary Duff Fan Should See

From Cadet Kelly to Gossip Girl.

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For the last six years, Hilary Duff’s acting career has largely been focused on Younger, on which she plays the millennial book whiz Kelsey Peters. But now that the series is coming to an end (its seventh and final season is currently airing), you may want to dig back deeper into Duff’s filmography (especially considering that Disney+ canceled its much-anticipated Lizzie McGuire reboot).

In the grand scheme of things, Younger is only a small part of Duff’s career. She’s been acting since the late ‘90s, when she was a pre-teen, and had a particular boom in the early 2000s. Most people know her best from her starring role on the Disney Channel’s beloved sitcom Lizzie McGuire, which aired from 2001 to 2004. But she’s also been in a handful of DCOMs and other movies that were of varying quality. She most excels in comedies, but there are a couple of notable dramas on her résumé and even a horror film. Most recently, she was cast in Hulu’s How I Met Your Mother spinoff How I Met Your Father, in which she’ll play a woman named Sophie recounting the story of how she met her husband to her son.

In the meantime, check out these 13 other shows and movies to get your Hilary Duff fix.

Lizzie McGuire

We may not be getting a Lizzie McGuire reboot, but Younger kind of feels like one anyway. Middle school Lizzie would have loved ending up as a high-powered book editor living in New York City and dating handsome men while wearing fabulous clothes.

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The Lizzie McGuire Movie

If you thought it was daring for Liza to pretend to be in her 20s, imagine being a middle schooler pretending to be an Italian pop star! That’s what Lizzie had to do in this iconic 2003 musical comedy.

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Cadet Kelly

In this 2002 DCOM, Duff plays Kelly, a free-spirited teen who winds up at military school after her mom gets remarried. It’s not exactly the right fit for someone whose self-expression includes colorful clothing and funky hairstyles, but she finds a way to impart her personal style on the military.

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Cheaper By The Dozen

Duff doesn’t get a lot of screen time in this ensemble comedy, but she plays her annoyed teenager role to perfection. There’s also a sequel to the film that’s worth a watch, but Duff barely makes an appearance.

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A Cinderella Story

A modern day take on Cinderella, this 2004 rom-com stars Duff an outcast teen waitress who begins corresponding online with Austin (Chad Michael Murray), the hottest boy at school. The problem? He has no idea who she is IRL.

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Raise Your Voice

As Duff began releasing music in real life, this movie gave her a chance to show off her vocals and a more serious side to her acting. The movie follows her character’s journey at a prestigious music school as she recovers from the unexpected death of her brother.

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The Perfect Man

Duff apparently loves movies in which her character has a secret identity. In this 2005 rom-com, she plays Holly, who pretends to be a secret admirer in attempt to help her mom get her confidence back.

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What Goes Up

This indie ensemble film features Duff as the narcissistic leader of a group of misfit students. It’s not her best role, but it’s interesting to see her play an edgier character.

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Gossip Girl Season 3

For six episodes in Gossip Girl Season 3, Duff played Olivia Burke, Dan Humphrey’s movie star girlfriend. Surprisingly, it was not the only time Duff played a fictional film actor.

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According To Greta

It’s angsty Hilary Duff! For According to Greta, Duff shed her nice girl persona to play the titular character, who relocates to live with her grandparents when her mother no longer knows how to handle her.

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Beauty and the Briefcase

This was an ABC Family original movie, and it’s cheesy in the best way. Duff plays a magazine writer who goes undercover at a finance company to find love. It’s kind of like a budget TV movie version of How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days.

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She Wants Me

Duff plays yet another movie star in this 2012 comedy. Here, it’s A-lister Kim Powers, who’s vying for a role in a film that the screenwriter accidentally promised to his girlfriend. Cue drama!

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The Haunting Of Sharon Tate

A reimagination of Sharon Tate’s brutal murder at the hands of the Manson Family, this movie was both widely panned and highly controversial, as many felt it was an offensive take on the real story. Nonetheless, Duff won Best Actress at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival for her role as Tate, which was a big step outside of her typical comedic acting. (She also won Worst Actress at the Razzie Awards for the same role, so...)

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