Taylor Swift Revealed If "Champagne Problems" Is About Rejecting Joe Alwyn's Proposal

Swifties can breathe a sigh of relief.

Taylor Swift clarified that "Champagne Problems" was not inspired by her relationship with Joe Alwyn...
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Taylor Swift has written plenty of songs inspired by her personal life, but one of the saddest tracks on Evermore is not based on a true story. Following weeks of speculation that she and her longtime boyfriend were planning to tie the knot, Taylor Swift revealed that "Champagne Problems" is not about rejecting Joe Alwyn's proposal — in fact, it's not inspired by her own love life at all.

The Speculation that the couple had a secret engagement (or possibly even a wedding) kicked into high gear after Swift released the track list for Evermore on Dec. 10, which featured a song called "Champagne Problems." That song happened to be co-written by Alwyn (under the pseudonym William Bowery), which only added fuel to the rumors. The photo Swift released from the "Willow" music video of her in a white lace dress and floral crown didn't do much to stop people from gossiping, either.

While "Champagne Problems" does center around a proposal, it's quickly revealed in the lyrics that the narrator rejected her boyfriend. "I dropped your hand while dancing / Left you out there standing / Crestfallen on the landing," Swift sings on the chorus. "Your mom's ring in your pocket / My picture in your wallet / Your heart was glass, I dropped it." Later, in the bridge, she describes having to watch him go. Needless to say, the entire situation left fans confused:

Thankfully, Swift set the record straight relatively quickly and clarified that the song is not based on her relationship with Alwyn. In a Dec. 11 note shared to Twitter, she revealed the inspiration behind several of Evermore's songs. "Before I knew it, there were 17 tales, some of which are mirrored or intersecting with one another," the singer wrote before referencing the track as "the one where longtime college sweethearts had very different plans for the same night, one to end it and one who brought a ring."

Swift and Alwyn have mostly kept their romance out of the spotlight since they began dating back in 2017, though the singer has shared a few tidbits about their relationship while speaking about the process of making Folklore and Evermore. However, it was actually an old song — a re-recording of her 2008 single "Love Story" — that made fans wonder if she was hinting about tying the knot with Alwyn. In the new version, Swift changed the lyrics in the chorus to "it's a love story / baby just said yes."

While the subtle change would fit in with Swift's history of dropping easter eggs into her music for fans to pick up on, the singer appeared to shut down the engagement rumors in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly when she described Alwyn as her "boyfriend." On Dec. 10, The Daily Mail reportedly contacted a member of Alwyn's family to ask them about the engagement rumors, which they appeared to brush off. "I'm sorry, I'm not going to say anything," the family member responded.

While "Champagne Problems" may not hold any clues about Swift and Alwyn's relationship, there is one track on Evermore that does seem to be at least partially inspired by their romance: "Long Story Short." In that song, Swift sings about falling "from my pedestal" and clinging on to "the wrong guy" to help her through "a bad time" before she found Alwyn. "Now I'm all about you / I'm all about you," she sings on the chorus, later adding, "No more keepin' score / Now I just keep you warm / And my waves meet your shore / Ever and evermore."