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Is Gabby Done With The Bachelorette? Erich Is Her Only Guy Left

Jason and Johnny already left the reality show during Fantasy Suites.

by Kadin Burnett
Erich, John, and Gabby Windey on 'The Bachelorette'
Craig Sjodin/ABC

It is really a choice if there’s only one option? For Gabby Windey, it’s a little more complex than this. For nearly an entire season now, Colorado’s own bachelorette has been doing her best to navigate the difficulties of being one of the two leads during this season of The Bachelorette. For all her efforts, she appears to be left with just one option: Erich Schwer. It’s not a bad option necessarily, but rather, the road that led us to this juncture hasn’t been the smoothest, paved with late exits that would undermine the excitement of any love story. However, Gabby’s singular option isn’t exactly a sure thing.

It’s important to note how we got here. Fast forwarding through the first two-thirds of the season, Gabby was left with her final three men: Jason, Johnny, and Erich. Despite Johnny’s late season push into Gabby’s good graces, he couldn’t even make it to Fantasy Suites after Gabby pressed him during a seaside sunset as to his plans post-show. Unable to feasibly see himself getting engaged in such a short time, Johnny and Gabby parted ways.

Near the end of the first half of Fantasy Suites, which aired Sept. 5, Jason spent most of his screen time bemoaning his unpreparedness with host Jesse Palmer. Though we hadn’t yet seen his overnight date, Jason wasted no time explaining, in advance, that the prospect of getting engaged seemed a little too steep to contend with. Then when it came time for his actual date with Gabby he let her know that he wasn’t ready for an engagement. He was able to seemingly convince both himself and Gabby that he was actually maybe ready to commit, but only momentarily during the Sept. 6 episode. Jason and Gabby did ultimately spend an overnight together, only for the couple to rehash their disagreements over their relationship. They ultimately broke up early the next day.

Both Johnny and Jason had voiced their apprehensions about getting engaged to their families during their respective hometown dates. Despite their decision to continue on with the process, neither man was ultimately able to overcome their unwillingness to get down on one knee, leaving Erich left.

It’s worth mentioning that Gabby and Erich didn’t end their fantasy suite episode on the best of terms. Despite an intimate day and evening together, Erich sought out Gabby just before the credits rolled with the intention of voicing some concerns. Those concerns have to do with Erich’s discomfort at the thought of Gabby being intimate with other contestants. “Now, sitting here, picturing the girl that I’m in love with, doing that with somebody else, like, that kind of crushes me,” Erich told her. “And this is not gonna be easy.”

Craig Sjodin/ABC

To her credit, Gabby responded via voice over, stating that she felt “pressured,” by Erich’s statement. Uninterested in being tested by who could potentially be her future fiancé, she began to question whether or not he actually is the person for her. The episode ended with Gabby in tears, and walking away from Erich. While nothing’s been confirmed yet, it’s increasingly likely that it’s Erich or nobody, given that Jason and Johnny already exited. Therefore, Gabby’s ultimate decision may have already been decided for her, meaning her journey comes to an end before her counterpart’s does.

During the actual episode, Gabby stated that Erich had “f*cked all that up,” in reference to their incredible date, going on to call their conversations exhausting. Mainly, the consistent struggles that Erich was having at the thought of Gabby spending time with the other men. “I let my insecurities get the better of me,” Erich told the cameras, however, for all of his self awareness, there was no guarantee that he and Gabby were going to find common ground again.

As the episode neared its end, Gabby spoke to the cameras once more “my person might not be here,” she said, while still hinting at the hope of working things out with her singular remaining man. So while Rachel was in the midst of her biggest rose ceremony of the season, Gabby was having her talk with Erich. “This whole process, I misjudged from the start, how hard it is for her,” he told the cameras, before referring to himself as both nervous and insensitive. When they did finally meet, Gabby began opening up about her struggles throughout the week, before coming around on her relationship with Erich, “You’ve fought for me so much, and love in this very secure way,” she told him. She also added, “You’re the only one left,” but made sure to finally reveal that she loves him!

She went on to sing the praises of her likely future-fiancé, detailing that she’d loved him for quite some time now. “I can’t beleive that he’s all mine,” she said, before dismissing any need for a rose ceremony, adding “It’s just you and me.” She referred to her relationship with Erich as a fairytale, adding that everything up to this point has led her to this special moment.