Josh From Love Is Blind Joked About His Journey On Social Media

Here’s everything to know about the contestant — and his dramatic Season 4 return.

Josh on 'Love Is Blind' Season 4. Photo via Netflix
Monty Brinton/Netflix

On Love Is Blind, pod drama doesn’t always stay in the pods — like when single Andrew Liu (the man with the controversial tears) showed up to the Season 3 cast party and talked to his former flame about her current, rocky relationship. While that reunion didn’t result in a love match, the preview for the latest batch of Season 4 episodes (which dropped March 31) teased a similar situation: Josh Demas returned for Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds, even though she is engaged to Marshall Glaze. But unlike his Season 3 forebear, Josh wasn’t content to simply chat as friends. “If you don’t feel, like, heart-to-heart you’re gonna marry him, pick me,” he said.

Josh’s interest in Jackie was already a sore spot for Marshall back in the pods, making the situation even twistier. As you dive into the latest episodes to see how it all turns out, here’s everything to know about Josh from Love Is Blind.

Josh’s Instagram

“People either love or hate that I joke around a lot,” Josh wrote in his Love Is Blind bio. As it turns out, he really does enjoy a good joke or punny caption, as evidenced by his social media. In one recent Instagram post about his time in the pods, for example, he blends sincerity and sarcasm — writing that he was “honor[ed] and blessed” to be on the show, while giving his castmates a word of advice. “Life is short,” he wrote. “Make sure you spend as much time as possible on the internet arguing with strangers.”

He also made a TikTok about getting in touch with his “feminine side” in the pods, accompanied by a clip of him watching Grey’s Anatomy.

The jokes continue back on Instagram. “God has let me see another day and I’ve decided to make it everyone’s problem,” he captioned a travel snap from Mexico.

He also joked about not being able to buy a fan from OnlyFans.

While Josh’s social media is often a destination for cheeky travel photos, it’s also a testament to his love of martial arts. In 2019, he shared that he ranked second in the world in No Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. “Not what I wanted but I’ll be back,” he wrote.

According to his bio, he also practices MMA and yoga. And further back, he wrestled at The Ohio State University. He studied economics at the school, according to the Buckeyes website. “I am really a family guy — I get home three or four times a week,” he told the site in 2014. “Fortunately for me one of the best collegiate programs in the country is right down the road.”

Josh’s Job

While Josh competes in a variety of martial arts disciplines, his official occupation is that of project engineer, per his Love Is Blind bio. “After getting out of a seven-year relationship, Josh has been dating around and feeling like it’s ‘hard to find anything of substance’ nowadays,” the bio continues. “He says he’s looking for a ‘down-to-earth’ partner who takes the “time to listen” and hopefully isn’t turned off by his competitive nature.”