The Lisa Barlow “Favors” Accusations On RHOSLC, Explained

Several cast members have spread rumors about Lisa, and it’s only gotten more confusing.

Lisa Barlow talking to Whitney Rose over drinks, gesturing with her hands.
Jesse Grant/Bravo

Baby gorgeous isn’t having a good time right now. On Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Lisa Barlow has been hit with accusations of doing unspecified sexual “favors” in exchange for various random perks, some of which pertained to her Vida Tequila brand, and the rumors have only become more confusing as the season goes on.

It all started in the season’s first episode when Lisa’s BFF-turned-frenemy Meredith Marks told Jen Shah that she had heard rumors about Lisa cheating on her husband, John. Meredith still seemed mad about the infamous “hot mic” moment from Season 2, in which Lisa called her a “f*cking piece of sh*t garbage whore,” among other things. Meredith later told her husband, Seth, that Lisa may have been projecting her own baggage onto her. “I have never exchanged sex for money; that’s what a whore is. Maybe someone else has,” she insinuated. In the next episode, she expanded on those rumors, telling Whitney Rose that she “just heard she was doing favors to help get places to pick up Vida Tequila.”

It turns out that Whitney heard similar accusations from another source, which ended up causing a massive blowout between her and Heather Gay during a cast trip to Scottsdale. Whitney says that while they were at a Utah Jazz game, their mutual friend Angie Harrington pointed out a man that she claimed Lisa allegedly slept with for courtside seats. Heather adamantly denies hearing this. “Blowies for Jazz tickets?” she asked in her confessional. “I mean, that’s a stretch; it’s not like you were courtside for the Lakers. Courtside at the Jazz… you don’t have to get on your knees for that.”

Lisa denied all rumors of her doing any “favors” even before Season 3 premiered, sharing a playful video to her Instagram Story after the trailer dropped on Aug. 31. “You know, we sell Vida Tequila everywhere, and this is one of our favorite accounts,” she said, before pointing her camera to a bartender named Stan and asking him why they carry Vida. “Because it’s delicious, it’s the best, and more important, it’s classy,” he replied as Lisa pointed the camera back to herself in agreement. “Exactly, and no favors necessary,” she concluded.

When she found out about the cheating rumors in Scottsdale, Lisa was completely distraught and denied the accusations. “Retaliation is a f*cking bitch,” she told her co-stars as she cried about how John and their sons Jack and Henry were all she had and then promptly ran to her room sobbing. The ladies failed to gain any clarity on the rumors or who spread them as Whitney and Heather became consumed in their own fight. But in the fourth episode, Lisa decided to momentarily put them aside “after having a burrito and some KitKats,” so the cast could support Jen, who was flying to New York to start preparations for her impending trial (which is a whole other saga).

While the rumors are now out there, this debacle is clearly not coming to an end anytime soon.