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Yet Another Couple Who Already Knew Each Other Just Blew Up BiP

Pieper and Brendan, you survive this round.

Alana and Chris came under fire on social media following Episode 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. Screens...

Alana Milne knows how to make an entrance — and an exit. During the Sept. 7 episode of Bachelor in Paradise, she arrived on the show with three other women and made an immediate beeline for Chris Conran — much to the chagrin of Jessenia Cruz, who Chris insisted was the sole reason he’d joined BiP.

This prompted the rest of the cast to wonder if Chris and Alana had already known each other prior to BiP, and things continued to unravel from there. Eventually, the rest of the contestants confronted Chris and Alana in a heated exchange, and the two decided to leave the show after determining their connection was too fresh to commit to a relationship but that they’d caused too much tension to stay. In the end, they departed the beach separately in an extremely awkward exchange.

Fans watching from home had a lot of feelings about the situation, with many drawing comparisons to Brendan Morais and Pieper James. Though the couple wasn’t super present in Tuesday night’s episode, they caused just as much drama the previous night after basically admitting they were already dating and had only come on the show for clout. Apparently, everyone else on the beach had temporary amnesia and fully forgot about them for the night.

Some users reveled in the moment during the night’s major confrontation when Alana, trying to get her two cents in, shouted, “Do you want to hear what I think?” To which Jessenia replied a stern, monosyllable, “No.”

Others poked fun at the fact that the questionable foursome went to such great lengths to get a free trip to Mexico. “Tell us you can’t afford a vacation without telling us you can’t afford a vacation,” tweeted user leahtweetsyeah.

For some viewers, it was the moment when Grocery Store Joe and Riley grilled Chris that was the highlight of the episode, with one user even noting that a Joe being confrontational was “so hot.”

Fans noted that though Brendan and Pieper were sitting silently on the couch watching the drama unfold, they very well could (and should) be next to exit. One user even noted that in the previews, Demi flips them off. “Not all heroes wear capes,” they wrote.

Meanwhile, some pointed out that this week’s episodes have totaled four hours without a single rose ceremony.

We are collectively ready for more contestants to go home. Looking at you, Pieper and Brendan.