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You Need To See The Meme Of Kristen Wiig's Wonder Woman Character & The Cheetah Girls

The internet can't get enough of Barbara Minerva.

Kristen Wiig in 'Wonder Woman 1984.'
Clay Enos/Warner Bros.

The reviews are in for Wonder Woman 1984 and they're... mixed. Released on Christmas Day and seen as the first big test of how blockbusters will fare in a post-movie theaters world, the superhero sequel has quickly become Twitter's latest obsession. (For better or worse.) While fans are torn on the sequel just about everyone seems to love Kristen Wiig's Wonder Woman character — and there are plenty of memes and tweets to prove it. This article contains spoilers for Wonder Woman 1984.

In the film, which is Wiig's first comic book role, the SNL legend plays Barbara Minerva, better known as the supervillain Cheetah. Barbara is a coworker of Diana Prince, AKA Wonder Woman, and she pretty much worships the ground her statuesque colleague walks on. This leads Barbara down a dark path as she finds herself getting mixed up with evil businessman Maxwell Lord, who uses a mystical artifact to grant Barbara's deepest and darkest wish — to be more like Diana. Eventually, Barbara further alters her wish to transform herself into an "apex predator" (her words), which turns her into a super-strong and fast cheetah-woman, making her an ideal foil for Wonder Woman. The internet, naturally, has thoughts about all of this, and you can see them for yourself below.

Since Barbara is basically a cat-human hybrid by the end of the film, there have been no shortage of Cats jokes making the rounds.

Here we have an appearance by Chekov's cheetah-print pumps, the oldest foreshadowing trick in the book.

It doesn’t take too wild of an imagination to picture Barbara belting out “Girl Power,” does it?

As stated previously, pretty much everyone agrees that Wiig absolutely killed this role.

Rest assured, if there is a funny clip online of someone wearing cheetah print, someone has used it in a WW84 meme.

Wait, isn’t that... eh whatever; cheetah print, smoky eye, close enough.

Giving credit where credit is due, this movie is definitely a fashion feast (and Wiig rocks, obv).

It's a tightrope walk, no doubt about it.

A lot of folks are criticizing the design of Cheetah, but everyone agrees it was better than the demonspawn from Cats.

Is it shocking that some people think Barbara's full-Cheetah form is hot? In a world where Pete Davidson's Grinch is considered a thirst trap, nothing is surprising anymore.

Whether you loved Wonder Woman 1984 or you hated it, it's nice that we can all agree that Kristen Wiig as Cheetah is the best thing to happen in 2020.