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Bachelor Fans Are Furious That Clayton Kissed Shanae On A Date She Wasn’t Invited To

“Clayton is making it really difficult to root for him.”

Memes & Tweets About Shanae Crashing Clayton's Football Group Date
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If there’s something Bachelor Nation can agree on, it’s that Clayton has been making some very questionable decisions lately. After getting grilled on Twitter for asking contestant Rachel Recchia why she’s still single (every single person’s least favorite question), the 28-year-old athlete was roasted by viewers again for allowing Shanae to crash the after-party even though her team, The Shrimp Stampede, lost the tackle football challenge on the group date.

While the rest of the losing team understood that they were not invited on the evening portion of the date, Shanae couldn’t risk not being there in case Genevieve and Sierra decided to tell Clayton about all of her shenanigans. Of course, that’s exactly what happened. “When you decided to keep Shanae, a lot of the women in the house were shocked,” Sierra said. “We believe that if you had the full story, you wouldn’t want somebody like that to be your wife.”

It’s worth noting that while Clayton wasn’t particularly excited when Shanae showed up at the after-party, he didn’t send her back to the house. In fact, the opposite happened: Shanae and Clayton made out at the bar after she manipulated him into believing that she was being bullied and that the other women were plotting against her. Spoiler alert: This did not go over well on Twitter.

“Clayton is making it really difficult to root for him,” @JenBrawner tweeted. “Ignoring other girls’ repeated observations, letting her crash the date... just not okay.” Several other fans also called out Clayton for pursuing a relationship with Shanae, especially on a date she wasn’t invited to. “If I were one of the women on the group date who won, I’d be furious that Clayton is entertaining Shenae’s bullsh*t,” Twitter user @Nielsen_ecorinn. These were just some of the many tweets calling out Shanae and Clayton’s behavior.

What went down at the after-party is unfortunately just the latest in a long saga of Shanae-related drama this season. Last week, the 29-year-old Ohio native got into it with former contestant Elizabeth Corrigan over — wait for it — shrimp. It all started when Elizabeth prepared shrimp for the house and Shanae helped herself to most of them. When she cooked more to make up for it, she was largely ignored by the other women. This debacle quickly became known as #shrimpgate.

After this week’s after-party, it seems like shellfish may be the least of their problems. The women (and practically all of Bachelor Nation) continue to warn Clayton about Shanae, Shanae continues to tell him she’s being bullied, they wind up making out, and the cycle continues. But based on the preview for next week’s episode, Shanae should tread lightly. It appears she’s going on a two-on-one date with Genevieve, and as we know: “Two women, one rose. One stays, one goes.”