Bachelor Fans Are Calling Clayton A Clown For Elizabeth's Shocking Elimination

After more drama between Shanae and Elizabeth, we got another dramatic elimination on The Bachelor.

by Kadin Burnett
Clayton Echard and Elizabeth Corrigan on a beach date during 'The Bachelor'
ABC/John Fleenor

By all accounts, Elizabeth Corrigan seemed safe headed into Episode 4 of Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. She’d been positioned as the target of Shanae Ankney, the season’s newest villain, who spent a chunk of her screen time both sneering at Elizabeth’s ADHD diagnosis and stealing her shrimp. Poised as a sympathetic contestant, it would’ve seemed as though she’d get retribution after two full episodes of Shanae’s wrath, but as we learned in Season Episode 4, all’s fair in love and on reality TV.

Episode 4 opened with a quick recounting of the drama permeating between Elizabeth and Shanae. In fact, Clayton even took it upon himself to get to the bottom of the conflict and tried to mediate a conversation between them. Before their talk could unfold, Elizabeth told cameras, “Every time Shane opens her mouth, it seems to be a worse and worse version of her.” Much to Elizabeth’s chagrin, Shanae opened her mouth yet again, proceeding to dominate the conversation and needle Elizabeth about every single facet of their shrimp-based drama. It was clear their conversation was far from productive and caused Clayton to get up and leave. “We’re not resolving conflict, we’re talking about shrimp,” he told the cameras.

Shanae and Elizabeth returned to the group, just in time for Jesse Palmer to announce Clayton canceled the cocktail party. Naturally, the rose ceremony then unfolded in dramatic fashion. With just one rose left up for grabs and both Shanae and Elizabeth at risk of going home, Clayton surprisingly awarded it to Shanae, thus closing the door on his relationship with Elizabeth. Now, fans are calling Clayton a full-on clown for sending her home.

Audience members had also reached their threshold on shrimp content.

It just seemed impossible that Clayton could’ve chosen Shanae over Elizabeth.

If it’s any consolation for Elizabeth, some fans hope she gets a second shot at love on Paradise, but for now, her journey is over... all thanks to the crustacean situation.