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Everything We Know About P-Valley Season 2

Will we finally learn what went down in the Paradise Room?

P-Valley on Starz will return for Season 2.
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HBO and Showtime tend to get most of the buzz when it comes to premium cable networks, but upstart Starz surprised everyone in 2020 with its hit series P-Valley. The drama that follows the lives of employees of a Mississippi strip club earned critical acclaim and strong ratings in its first season, and the network wasted little time in renewing P-Valley for Season 2.

Announcing that news in July 2020 — with more than half of the first season still left to air — was a clear vote of confidence from the network. "P-Valley has quickly become this summer’s newest must-see television series as critics and audiences alike are taken up by the authentic and compelling characters that make the Pynk come alive," Starz head of originals Christina Davis told The Hollywood Reporter.

With a renewal secured, fans can now turn their attention to what P-Valley Season 2 will actually look like — and when we might get to see it. Here’s what we know so far.

The P-Valley Season 2 Premiere Date

An official premiere date has not yet been announced, and it may be a bit of a wait. During a Twitter Q&A in September 2020, P-Valley creator Katori Hall revealed that the coronavirus pandemic was “making it hard to shoot” and that it would “take awhile to gear up for production.” A casting call posted in March 2021 asked for actors available to film in the summer, so taking post-production into account, P-Valley likely won’t return until late 2021 or early 2022.

One thing we know concretely? Season 2 will be 25% longer. Whereas Season 1 consisted of 8 episodes, Season 2 will have 10. Hall also has a five-year plan for the show, so as long as it can keep up its stellar ratings — it had the most-watched premiere in Starz history — it will hopefully stick around for a few more seasons.

The P-Valley Season 2 Cast

The Season 2 cast has not been announced, but all of the main players are likely to return with one exception: it’s unclear if Andre (Parker Sawyers) will be back after Hailey outbid him for the Pynk in the Season 1 finale.

The March 2021 casting call also suggests that there will be some new characters, and Cardi B expressed interest in making a cameo in the show. “The doors of the Pynk are always open to you!!” Hall responded, adding the hashtag #checkyodms.

The P-Valley Season 2 Plot

There are two big storylines fans can look forward to in P-Valley Season 2. "The power dynamics at the club have completely changed and to see Uncle Clifford and Hailey fight over the throne will be stuff of legends," Hall told Entertainment Weekly in September 2020. "Also, the fact that Mercedes will still be fighting the big Goliath in her life that is respectability politics. Will she be able to get her dance studio and custody of her daughter? Will she ever conquer her pimp-turned-pastor mother? Only time will tell." Hall also teased an answer to the question of what really happened in the Paradise Room in the Season 1 finale. "I can only say that the secret of what went down in the Paradise Room will bond Uncle Clifford, Mercedes, and Hailey forever."

Over on Twitter, Hall confirmed that Season 2 will showcase more of the characters’ backstories and how they came to work at the Pynk. You can also expect to hear more original music from Mississippi artists in the show's second season. Hall put out a call on Twitter on Aug. 31 asking for submissions from musicians and producers who are native to the state, especially if they're also Black and female. "Always looking for more MS artists so please shoot to @pvalleywriters," Hall tweeted. "ESP excited about being introduced to MS black female artists & producers."

Finally, coronavirus itself may make its way into the plot of Season 2. "There's a story to tell about how Black folks are affected by this disease ... how they figured out what to do to survive," Hall told TV Guide in September 2020. She added more details in her talk with EW, saying, "Our show will definitely be in conversation with what is happening in our world right now, [and] I cannot wait to see Uncle Clifford in a rhinestone mask and lace gloves. I cannot wait to see her."

The P-Valley Season 2 Trailer

Given that coronavirus has delayed filming, a Season 2 trailer has not been released. This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

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