10 Royal Documentaries That'll Make You Watch The Crown In A Whole New Light

Lean into your newfound royal obsession.

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Netflix's The Crown offers an intense reimagining of the British monarchy's history, and season four has reignited royal intrigue once again. The Crown's fourth chapter is a spectacular retelling of one of the most turbulent eras for the royals, from the late 1970s to the early 1990s – and one that some of us can remember, too. If, like us, you've been falling down multiple internet rabbit holes trying to discover more about the real stories behind the Netflix drama, stumble no further. These royal documentaries, to watch when you're finished The Crown, will help to fill in the gaps.

In-depth explorations of the lives of senior royals, including the Queen Mother, Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II, and the storylines that feature in The Crown's latest run, are the subject of documentaries currently available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, and various other platforms.

So, if you've managed to power-stream your way through The Crown and your royal obsession is at an all-time high, you've come to the right place. Read on for our edit of the very best royal documentaries to add to your ones to watch.

The Story Of Diana

This two-part documentary centres on the public unravelling of Princess Diana and Prince Charles' marriage, and focuses on Diana's hard-fought battle against an increasingly intrusive media. One that would eventually end in tragedy.

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Being The Queen

Using archive footage and never-before-heard interviews, this deep-dive documentary retells the life story of Queen Elizabeth II amid some of the most notable events in British history.

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The Diana Story, Part I: The Young Princess

The first chapter of this three-part documentary focuses on Princess Diana's introduction to the royal family in the summer of 1980, starting with her arrival at Balmoral Castle — a story fans of The Crown season four will be particularly familiar with.

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The Royal House Of Windsor

Through rare archive footage and interviews, this six-part docuseries takes viewers on a journey through the fascinating history of the royal family, from the origins of the British monarchy, right up to the modern era.

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The Story Of Queen Elizabeth II

As the title suggests, The Story of Queen Elizabeth II recounts the life of her majesty the Queen, exploring how she began her reign, and the many historical moments that have occurred throughout her lifetime.

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Diana: In Her Own Words

This unique in-depth documentary offers a fascinating look into the life of Princess Diana through her own words, taken from journalist and biographer Andrew Morton's collection of previously unheard recordings with the late Princess of Wales.

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The Queen Mother

The life of the Queen Mother is greatly explored in this two-part documentary, which looks at how the royal dealt with deep personal loss, and her many years spent in Buckingham Palace.

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Elizabeth Is Queen

The events of Queen Elizabeth II's historical coronation day are gloriously recaptured with colour-restored footage throughout this spectacular 1953 documentary, which was first released in cinemas.

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Serving the Royals: Inside the Firm

This unique documentary offers an upstairs-downstairs perspective of the British royal family's history, and sees those who live to serve the monarchy shed new light on how the royal machine functions behind the scenes.

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Diana: 7 Days That Shook The World

Originally released on the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, this BBC programme documents the seven devastating days after she died, featuring interviews with Prince William and Prince Harry, who reflect on how they dealt with the loss of their mother.

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