Ryan Gosling’s Net Worth Will Make Ken Want To Quit His Beach Job

The Barbie star made only $3,200 for 2006’s Oscar-nominated Half Nelson, but he raked in a lot more as Ken.

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From La La Land to The Notebook, Ryan Gosling has taken on some iconic roles throughout his career that have raked in the dough. But none of them may end up being as iconic as his portrayal of Ken in Greta Gerwig’s eagerly anticipated Barbie, for which he’s already received rave reviews from critics (it’s the Ken-ergy). In his newest role, the actor had to master a type of job that he’s never experienced before: beach.

“Ken’s got no money, he’s got no job, he’s got no car, he’s got no house,” Gosling told Entertainment Tonight about his Barbie character in July 2022 before it was revealed that his occupation was “beach.” The actor added: “He’s going through some stuff.” Unlike Ken, Gosling seems to have it all figured out. With dozens of hits under his belt stretching all the way back to the ‘90s, Gosling has racked up quite a significant net worth.

While Gosling may be one of the wealthiest actors in Hollywood, he’s pretty modest when it comes to spending. Aside from an impressive car collection, this A-lister prefers to spend his cash on his partner, actor Eva Mendes, his kids and a variety of philanthropic ventures. As the actor told The Economic Times in 2016, “My biggest investment is my family. I'm with the person I'm supposed to be with — I'm not looking for anything else beyond Eva — and I feel very lucky that we have a beautiful, healthy daughter, who is an angel. That's investment enough for me.”

Read on to discover a little more about how Gosling makes his millions.

6 Ways Ryan Gosling Makes His Money

1. Acting

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Gosling’s acting career began when he was still a child as a Disney Mouseketeer. This was followed by roles in Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Goosebumps, Frankenstein, and Me. By 2000, his career had well and truly taken off — he’d landed a role in Remember the Titans and a few years later, he was playing the leading role in The Notebook.

When Gosling first began pursuing a career on screen, he wasn’t particularly optimistic about becoming a high-paid actor. “I felt my job was just to get work,” the actor recalled to British GQ. “I was trying to pay my rent and maybe get some health insurance.”

As his career progressed, Gosling eventually began to earn more and more for each role — but not all of his roles were well paid. According to Money Sense, in Half Nelson, for which the actor garnered an Oscar nomination, he reportedly earned just $1,000 per week — with only a 23-day-long shoot, his total salary for the film probably came to around $3,200.

Since then, his salary per film has gone up — a lot. In fact, according to Variety, the actor earned $20 million for his role in The Gray Man, and earned another $12.5 million for Barbie.

2. Music

While Gosling is best known for his acting, he has also dipped his toe into the music industry. Along with Zach Shields, Gosling was one half of the short-lived band “Dead Man’s Bones.” Rolling Stone likened their sound to “Arcade Fire, Tom Waits, and the cast of Sesame Street performing a Kurt Weill musical.” In 2009, the band released a self-titled Halloween album. One of their singles even appeared on the soundtrack of The Conjuring.

Gosling sings and plays the piano in the band, and reportedly performs under the alias “Baby Goose.” Despite receiving rave reviews for their unusual, experimental music, the band only ever released one album.

3. Producing

In 2017, Gosling announced that he would be joining forces with producer Ken Kao (The Nice Guys, Silence) to create Arcana, a new production company. Their first project was Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Favourite, which starred Olivia Colman, his La La Land costar Emma Stone, and Rachel Weisz.

As of 2022, Gosling has eight producing credits to his name, including Blue Valentine, Lost River, Wolfman, and The Actor.

4. A Brand Endorsement

So far, Gosling has only partnered with one brand. Since 2021, the actor has been collaborating with watch brand TAG Heuer in a number of campaigns.

“TAG Heuer has quietly and consistently been a classic and iconic pillar of excellence in its field for over a hundred and sixty years,” Gosling said at the time. “Partnering with them was an easy decision and time, in general, is just something I think a lot about now. My kids are growing up fast so I keep an eye on the clock in a way I never used to.”

5. A Restaurant

Another unexpected way Gosling makes money? The food industry. Gosling first met chef Abdessamad Benameur while he was working as a caterer before his career took off. Gosling fell in love with his food, saying it was “food he would eat every day for the rest of his life.” Eventually, the actor helped the chef open Tagine, a Moroccan restaurant in Beverley Hills.

Gosling invested in the restaurant in 2004, and as of 2019, he served as a co-owner. Celebrity guests of the restaurant include Chrissy Teigen, Mike Tyson, and Keanu Reeves, KTLA reports.

6. Real Estate

Gosling has invested in several lavish properties throughout his career. In 2018, he and Eva Mendes sold a home for $1.27 million. According to Elle, the property featured three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an outdoor shower, a hot tub, a deck, and even a chicken coop. Later that year, the couple were spotted viewing an $8 million property just north of Los Angeles.

In 2021, the couple put another house on the market — a $4.9 million property in Los Feliz, California. According to Dirt, Mendes had purchased the property in 2008 for $3.2 million. The couple reportedly moved away from Hollywood after selling the home.

What is Ryan Gosling’s Net Worth?


According to Celebrity Net Worth, Gosling has come a long way since making $1,000 a week on Half Nelson and stressing about making rent. He has a staggering net worth of $70 million as of 2022, and thanks to his reported $12.5 million paycheck for Barbie, it may only be bound to increase.

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