Sam Claflin Is The Ultimate Instagram Boyfriend

The comments he leaves on his girlfriend's pictures are everything.

Sam Claflin of 'The Hunger Games' on the red carpet in London
Getty Images/Matt Crossick

British actor Sam Claflin has been very active on Instagram as of late, swapping many flirty comments with his girlfriend, model Cassie Amato. The Hunger Games star, 36, who shares two children with his ex-wife, Downton Abbey’s Laura Haddock, wrote “Beyond perfect” under a picture of his new love posing on the beach. But aside from their PDA, what do we know about the couple and, specifically, what do know of Amato?

Judging from her Instagram, Amato, 28, is kept pretty busy with her shoots and campaigns, working with brands such as Reformation and Free People. In a recent interview with It’s Now Cool swimwear, she said that she was first inspired to get into modelling when she watched the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows growing up: “It was the biggest event of the year for me. Looking back now, I ‘think that young obsessive passion really lit a fire in me for what was to come,” Amato shared. “Modelling was a larger than life kind of thing for me as a kid.”

Although Claflin and Amato haven’t confirmed their romance, it looks as if they’ve been an item since April 2022. Amato first commented “I’m jealous of that slice” when Claflin shared a photo to Instagram of himself eating pizza on Apr. 26. Claflin liked the comment, of course, and then went on to comment on some of Amato’s snaps.

Claflin was married to fellow British actor Laura Haddock, 36, from 2013 to 2019. The couple continue to co-parent their two children Pip, 6, and Margot, 4. At the time of their split, Claflin and Haddock posted a joint statement on Instagram, saying that they were moving forward with “nothing but love, friendship, and a deep respect for one another.”

And it seems Amato is in full support of the co-parenting between the two, as she commented “best daddy ever” on photos Claflin shared of himself with cupcakes he baked with his kids. If and when the pair do make things official, will their official couple name be Sassie or Clamato? Stay tuned to find out.