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Selena Gomez & Kieran Culkin’s SNL Surprise Took On Father Of The Bride

“Did you forget Kieran Culkin was in this movie?”

A screenshot from Selena Gomez, Kieran Culkin 'SNL' 'Father of the Bride' Sketch with Martin Short a...

If you’ve ever wondered how much Selena Gomez might charge to be a wedding performer, look no further than Saturday Night Live’s Dec. 10 episode. Even better? The answer came wrapped in a Father of the Bride sketch in which co-hosts Steve Martin, Martin Short, and — in another surprise cameo — Kieran Culkin reprised their roles from the classic 1991 Nancy Meyers rom-com. As Father of the Bride Part 8 quickly reveals, however, more than a few things have changed for the Banks family in the 30-plus years since the first movie dropped.

For starters, Annie (Heidi Gardner) is now a 52-year-old seven-time divorcee and gearing up for yet another wedding. “Annie, what makes you think I can afford an eighth Nancy Meyers-style wedding? I’m financially drained,” Martin says as titular patriarch George Banks. What’s more, his wife, Nina, “started driving for Lyft” just to pay for Annie’s previous wedding. Enter Chloe Fineman doing her best impression of “icon in beige” Diane Keaton, who’s “back and more Diane Keaton than ever.”

No sooner did George ask who’s “planning this thing” than Short appeared as beloved over-the-top wedding planner Franck, whose accent, the narrator asks, we all agree is “still OK.” Joining him was Bowen Yang, taking over as BD Wong’s Howard, letting George know that he still had an outstanding balance from Annie’s fifth wedding, for the shrimp tower and two performances by Nicki Minaj. After Franck made a crack about Annie being “used goods” and needing some plucking, plumping, tugging, and maybe a little “down there” procedure, George asked if he’s seriously suggesting he pay for his “daughter’s vaginal rejuvenation.”

That’s when Culkin appeared at the front door, reminding everyone that he played Martin’s onscreen son, Matty Banks, when he was about 8 or 9 years old. (“Did you forget Kieran Culkin was in this movie? So did we,” the narrator hilariously observed in an aside, before tacking on, “Now he’s in Succession, so good for him.”) He whines, “Ew ... Can we not talk about my sister’s private parts right now? I feel like I might blow chunks.” And if you want to feel even older, Culkin’s Matty adds, “No cake for me, I have a colonoscopy tomorrow.” Then, in another moment, George refers to Annie as his “little menopausal girl.”

But Franck’s “big surprise,” of course, was that he’d hired “even more beautiful in real life” Gomez to be Annie’s wedding singer. “How much is she going to cost me?” George laments, to which his Only Murders in the Building co-star reveals her fee to be an “easy” $1.8 million. To cap everything off, there was even a group sing-along to Franck’s classic Father of the Bride “Party Pooper” song.

Just this summer, HBO Max also gave Father of the Bride the remake treatment in a new movie, starring Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan as the central Cuban American parents, with SNL’s Fineman taking on the role of the kooky wedding planner. “Obviously, I’m a huge fan of Nancy Meyers, but I really felt like this was such a modern, relatable interpretation of it,” Fineman told Entertainment Weekly in June. “I felt free to make my wedding planner younger — she’s this wayward millennial. And I thought that was really fun, in contrast with Andy García’s stubborn, traditional father. They’re huge shoes to fill, but I feel like this is a modern take and I feel really excited by that.”