The Selling Sunset Reunion’s Lie Detector Test Did Not Disappoint

“Didn’t need a polygraph test to know Jason is still in love with Chrishell.”

'Selling Sunset’ Fans React To The Reunion’s Lie Detector Test

The Selling Sunset reunion put the Oppenheim Group realtors to the test — literally. On the Season 7 reunion, which premiered on Nov. 15, the entire Netflix series cast underwent a lie detector test. That is, everyone except Chelsea Lazkani, who declined to participate and claimed there were “inaccuracies” in the test, and she wasn’t entirely wrong.

The rest of the cast, including Chrishell Stause, Amanza Smith, Bre Tiesi, Nicole Young, Emma Hernan, and even lead broker Jason Oppenheim, were all asked questions about their personal lives and office dynamics by host Tan France, which led to both some unexpected truths being told and lies being uncovered.

Viewers on X (formerly Twitter) had mixed feelings about the lie detector segment, with some fans laughing and others being unamused. “This lie detector segment is MESSY and i’m LIVING for it,” one viewer wrote, with another saying that “producers knew what they was doing.”

However, one viewer declared, “We could’ve honestly done without the drawn out (inaccurate) lie detector segment,” and another asked, “Was a lie detector segment really necessary?”

Chrishell Stause taking a lie detector test on the Selling Sunset Season 7 reunion. Greg Gayne / Netflix

However, no matter what they thought about the test itself, fans had plenty of thoughts about the revelations it provided.

Jason’s “Lie” About Chrishell

During his polygraph test, lead broker Jason Oppenheim was asked if he was still in love with ex-girlfriend Chrishell Stause, who’s now married to singer G-Flip. “In love?” Jason clarified. “No.” However, the detector detected that it was a lie, and X was in agreement.

“The lie detector test sayin Jason’s still in love with Chrishell like babe we BEEN knew that,” one fan wrote, alongside a GIF of Ryan Gosling laughing. “Jason, we all know that you’re still in love with Chrishell,” one viewer affirmed, with another writing, “Didn’t need a polygraph test to know Jason is still in love with Chrishell.”

However, one fan argued that France let him get away too easily after that confession. “I need David Beckham to take over cuz love HOW???? What do you mean Jason????” they asked.

Bre’s Michael B. Jordan Revelation

Bre Tiesi’s exam might have been the juiciest of them all, with the polygraph test proving that she thinks she’s the hottest person in the office. But the most shocking revelation is when she admitted that Michael B. Jordan wasn’t good in bed — and the lie detector corroborated.

Fans both laughed and defended the actor’s honor — mostly with NeNe Leakes memes.

“This (questionable) lie detector says she wasn’t lying, which can also be subjective, so…,” one fan wrote alongside a GIF of Leakes looking displeased. Another fan commented, “Michael B. Jordan just catching strays in this reunion episode,” with the video of Leakes saying, “Now why am I in it?” Meanwhile, one viewer used the clip of Leakes declaring, “What?! That is shocking.”

Jason’s Secret Oppenheim Hookup

During his lie detector test, Jason was also asked if he had hooked up with anybody on the reunion stage — besides Chrishell, Nicole, and Mary Fitzgerald, whom he had been in public relationships with.

The room immediately got tense, with some realtors clarifying that it wasn’t them before Jason answered no and the lie detector agreed.

However, Chelsea’s claim that the test had “inaccuracies” was proven correct when Amanza copped to hooking up with Jason once — without even being attached to the lie detector. Viewers weren’t surprised per se, but they still had some thoughts.

“The way Jason didn’t want to tell anyone he’d slept with Amanza and it could’ve died there but she was QUICK to spill it,” one fan noted, with another saying “that’s very on brand for Jason.” However, this viewer had more questions.

“I really wonder how many employees he’s been with over the years,” they wrote. “He’s using that brokerage as a dating service.”