Shin Seul-ki From Single’s Inferno Has Something In Common With A Squid Game Star

She loves a good romance movie, too.

'Single's Inferno' Season 2 is finally here — and with it comes a whole new cast of singles. Here's ...

Single’s Inferno Season 2 is finally here and comes with a whole new cast of singles. If you need a refresher, the Korean dating show gathers contestants on the titular, bare-bones inferno, or “Hell Island,” where they have the chance to make a connection — and, with any luck, leave the island for an overnight stay at the much more luxurious “Heaven Island.”

This time around, the first contestant to arrive on the beach is a woman named Shin Seul-ki. She immediately captures the attention of the show’s hosts, who describe her as “elegant,” “innocent,” and “very Korean” from their cushy viewing room away from the inferno.

Though Seul-ki hasn’t dated in a while, relationships tend to work out pretty well for her. “If I say I like someone, they tend to like me back,” she says during her introduction on the show. However, she also acknowledges that she’s been perceived as “cold and snobbish” by people who don’t know her yet.

Speaking of which when she’s not looking for love on a deserted island — who is Seul-ki from Single’s Inferno? Here’s everything we know about Seul-ki’s job, social media, and the surprising connection she shares with a Squid Game star.

Shin Seul-ki’s Instagram

Shin Seul-ki’s Instagram is relatively sparse, with only a handful of posts from this year. However, the photos she does share seem to convey what the Single’s Inferno contestant values in life — like her love of music, as evidenced by several snaps of the piano and her time studying the instrument in university (but more on that later).

Shin Seul-ki’s Instagram also features many nods to movies — presumably some of her favorites. Titanic and 10 Things I Hate About You are just a few of the films Seul-ki shouts out on her page, suggesting that she’s a fan of romance.

Shin Seul-ki’s Age

At the time of filming, Shin Seul-ki’s age was 25 years old, as she revealed during an overnight date on Heaven Island.

Shin Seul-ki’s Job

On the same date, Seul-ki also shares that she’s a music student — specifically, a senior piano major at Seoul National University. “I have a love-hate relationship with the piano,” she explains. “It doesn’t have just one melody, so I can play it in various ways.”

Production on Single’s Inferno Season 2 took place over Seul-ki’s exam period, she reveals, and it’s not exactly clear how (or if) she was able to make up for the time lost to filming. However, regardless, it’s clear that piano is still part of Seul-ki’s life. In a Nov. 22 Instagram post, she shares several snaps that confirm that fact — including a photo taken at the piano, one of some pretty tricky sheet music, and one at a recital for pianist Igor Levit.

Seul-ki’s occupation has also involved being a pageant queen.

According to Koreaboo, she was crowned Miss Chunhyang in 2020 — the same year a Single’s Inferno Season 1 contestant, Shin Ji-yeon, competed and was named a finalist. As the outlet points out, Squid Game’s Kim Joo-ryoung won the same pageant in 1999.