Get To Know The Hosts Of Single’s Inferno

The contestants aren’t the only ones who have people talking.

'Single's Inferno' (Season 1). Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Single’s Inferno, Netflix’s new South Korean reality series, is one of this year’s early hits. And while viewers are hooked to the drama between the contestants — and Song Ji-a’s love triangle (quadrangle?) in particular — they’re also showing love for the series’ four hosts.

The hosts in question — Lee Da-hee, Kyuhyun, Hong Jin-kyung, and Hanhae — watch the show along with the audience, providing both comical and insightful commentary as the contestants try to find love (or at least, get another date night at in a luxury suite).

The spotlight is definitely on the contestants — but overseas fans may not realize that the hosts boast their own successful careers, both on and offscreen. From running a kimchi-making business to performing in professional stage productions, the panel is full of talented multi-hyphenates.

Below, a brief rundown of each Single’s Inferno host and their lives outside of the show.

Lee Da-hee

The 36-year-old model, actress, and influencer is no stranger to playing host. She’s already played the role on a few other Korean reality TV and talk shows, including Entertainment Weekly, Queendom, and Road to Kingdom. She’s also well known for her starring role as Cha Hyeon on the scripted television series Search: WWW (now streaming on Netflix), as well as for parts in Beauty Inside and, most recently, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning.

As of Jan. 2022, she boasts nearly two million Instagram followers, and has modeled for multiple luxury brands, including Burberry and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Cho Kyu-hyun

Seoul-born Cho Kyu-hyun is a singer, actor, and TV host, but he’s best known for his singing career. The 33-year-old first gained popularity as a teenager in 2006 when he joined the K-pop boy band Super Junior, a group he’s still part of. He’s since released a few of his own solo albums, most recently 2017’s One Voice. He’s also celebrated for his musical theater career; his stage credits include Korean and original versions of Catch Me If You Can, Singin’ in the Rain, Moon Embracing the Sun, and The Man Who Laughs (watch a clip of his leading role here), among others.

Fun fact: he’s one of the first Korean artists to appear on postage stamps in China.

Hong Jin-kyung

The 44-year-old comedian, model, and YouTuber began as an entrepreneur. Hong Jin-kyung is CEO of The Kimchi, a kimchi business that she started in 2004. She was inspired to launch her company after she spent a year making kimchi for her single friends who lived alone, using her mother’s family recipe. When she’s not hustling in the kitchen, the Seoul native is busy hosting and starring in multiple Korean television programs, including Hong Jin-kyung's Glorious Devotee Life, The Love Master, and Need For Womance. She is also a host of the upcoming series Capitalism School.

With over one million subscribers, Hong is also a successful YouTuber. She posts multiple times per week, uploading everything from comedic skits to videos of friendly trivia competitions.

Jung Han-hae

The Busan native is an influencer, rapper, and former member of the hip-hop boy band Phantom. Since the band broke up in 2017, he’s also released a few EPs as a solo artist, most recently About Time in 2019. Onscreen, Hanhae has been seen on other South Korean reality shows, like Show Me The Money, My Teenage Girl and DoReMi Market. The 31-year-old also regularly posts on his YouTube channel.