7 Shows To Stream If You Can't Get Enough Of Kingdom

From a gritty family drama to an outlaw action series.

Nick Jonas in 'Kingdom'

Kingdom was practically unheard of during its three seasons on The Audience Network (seriously, what even is that?), but thanks to its recent drop on Netflix, there's been a sudden resurgence of interest in the series — so much that there's been renewed chatter about a potential Kingdom Season 4.

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The California-set drama, which originally aired from 2014 to 2017, depicts the trials and tribulations of the Kulina family. Patriarch Alvy (Frank Grillo) is a former MMA star who now runs a training gym that has fallen on hard times. His two sons, Jay (Jonathan Tucker) and Nate (Nick Jonas), are also fighters and are each dealing with their own personal issues. Jay misuses drugs, like his mother before him, while Nate is coming to grips with being gay. Complicating matters further is Ryan Wheeler (Matt Lauria), a former superstar pupil of Avery's who's just been released from prison and who could return some prestige to the gym. The only problem? He used to be engaged to Avery's current girlfriend Lisa (Kiele Sanchez) and is still in love with her.

Neither Netflix nor The Audience Network have made any announcements about reviving the series, but if you can't get enough of the hard-hitting family drama, here are seven other shows like Kingdom to watch after you finish.

Animal Kingdom

Kingdom is frequently described as "gritty," and that's exactly what you get with this TNT drama. It's about a teenage boy who's sent to live with his extended family after his mother dies of a drug overdose. His new family is heavily involved in all sorts of criminal activity, and the boy soon finds himself on a dangerous path.

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Top Boy

Another overseas offering, the UK's Top Boy follows a group of young people who live in a housing estate called Summerhouse in the working-class London borough of Hackney while secretly running an underground drug trade. Drake is such a big fan of the show that he convinced Netflix to produce a third season several years after Season 2 ended across the pond.

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Though there's a much brighter color palette and a distinct absence of MMA, this Netflix original bears some similarities to Kingdom thanks to its troubled family dynamics, which become exacerbated when an outcast sibling returns to the picture.

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Queen Of The South

Based on the telenovela La Reina del Sur, this series follows a Mexican woman who flees to the United States after a drug cartel murders her boyfriend. There, she begins to climb the ladder of power in the drug trade while plotting her revenge.

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Outer Banks

Though a lighter and more youthful show than the others on this list, Outer Banks still provides plenty of drama, action, and adventure. It's about a group of friends searching for the missing father of one of their own and the treasure hunt it takes them on. They end up encountering a lot more trouble than they'd bargained for.

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Co-created by the late John Singleton, Snowfall is set in 1983 LA at the dawn of the crack epidemic. Its intense story follows a diverse cast who begin to see their lives and city taken over by the new drug hitting the streets.

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Sons Of Anarchy

There are plenty of fights in Sons of Anarchy, albeit not in the ring. This brutal series tracks the comings and goings of its titular outlaw motorcycle gang across seven critically acclaimed seasons.

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With these seven exciting series at your disposal, the longing you feel after finishing Kingdom should be just a tad easier to deal with.