Taylor Swift Handles Eras Tour Stage Mishap In The Best Way

“She handled it like a pro.”

Taylor Swift handled an Eras Tour stage mishap in Tampa in the best way.
Future Publishing/Future Publishing/Getty Images

With a string of viral moments, including celebrity-lookalike backup dancers and some very special guests, Taylor Swift’s ongoing Eras Tour continues to thrill fans both in concert and online. The singer’s April 13 show in Tampa, Florida was no different, as Swift’s brilliant handling of an on-stage mishap caught the attention of Swifties everywhere.

As seen in a now-viral clip, Swift is shown preparing for the fan-favorite stage dive segment of the concert, during which the hitmaker gets up from her piano and dives under the stage, before appearing to swim underneath the catwalk back to her main stage for the final act of her 3-hour, 44-song show. However, things didn’t go as planned at the Raymond James Stadium when the stage failed to open in time for her dive. Ever the professional, Swift laughed off the technical fault, before eventually diving into the Midnights section of her concert when the stage eventually opened.

As mentioned, fans quickly praised the singer’s handling of the brief mishap, with one Swiftie writing on Twitter: “She handled it like a pro.” Meanwhile, another fan described the Grammy winner as “professional and funny too,” adding, “Gotta love her.”

“I'm loving these little mistakes here and there she seems to be having more fun,” one user also commented. “The splash sound while she’s just standing there is sending me,” another joked.

Prior to her Florida shows Swift was also commended for handing a large donation to a local Tampa food bank, with the non-profit organization Feeding Tampa Bay writing in an Instagram post: “Thank you Taylor for being a hero and supporting Feeding Tampa Bay’s mission to end hunger by 2025. Your generosity will place over 125,000 meals on tables.”