We Found Taylor Swift’s Oscar Isaac-Looking Dancer Whom You’ve Been Thirsting Over

“I never thought that small town boy from Slovenia could come so far, but here we are [at the Eras Tour].”

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Twitter Thinks Taylor Swift's Backup Dancer Looks Like Oscar Isaac — Meet Jan Ravnik (@JanRavnik on ...
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If you’ve attended the Eras Tour and did a double take at the male backup dancer air drumming on Taylor Swift’s black bowler hat when she sings “we’re happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way” during “22,” then you’re not alone. Many people in the audience at every tour stop so far think that dancer looks like actor Oscar Isaac, with some Swifties jokingly wondering how Swift managed to book the Golden Globe winner. Well, his name is actually Jan Ravnik.

At the Las Vegas show Bustle attended on March 24, Ravnik continued to attract comparisons to the actor while strutting down the catwalk in a white-and-black vest during “Style” and holding a massive umbrella above Swift’s head during verse two of “Midnight Rain.”

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Bustle reached out to Ravnik for comment and did not hear back. However, after this Bustle editor posted an Instagram story video of Ravnik dancing to “Shake It Off” during the March 24 concert and mentioned his resemblance to the actor, Ravnik saw the video and liked it.

In an Instagram caption after the tour’s March 17 opening night, he wrote, “I’m beyond grateful to be part of [the] Eras Tour. Still can’t put into words how I feel after yesterdays opening night! I never thought that small town boy from Slovenia could come so far, but here we are.”

Ravnik also might look familiar because he’s had other high-profile dancing gigs, most recently as a backup dancer for Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas To All Tour in December 2022 and Paula Abdul’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade performance in November 2022.

Tweets About The “Oscar Isaac” Dancer

Backup dancer Jan Ravnik dancing with Taylor Swift on March 18. John Shearer/Getty Images Entertainment

Swifties have wasted no time tweeting their reactions to seeing the Oscar Isaac lookalike dancing onstage with Swift during opening weekend in Glendale, Ariz. (aka Swift City, ERAzona), and during weekend two in Las Vegas. Be on the lookout for dancer Jan Ravnik all tour.

The Hollywood Reporter captured Ravnik air drumming on opening night.

Taylor Swift’s Other Brilliant Dancers

Ravnik is just one of the many talented dancers helping Swift complete her 3-hour set every night. Swifties are rightfully learning and sharing their admiration for them on Twitter, too.

User @rachelemmat13 tweeted a thread of choreographers and dancers, including:

The 52-show Eras Tour wouldn’t be the same without all of the dancers. Bravo!

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