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A Golden Bachelor Reddit Theory Predicts The Winner

And it’s left fans divided.

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'The Golden Bachelor' cast.
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Warning: The Golden Bachelor spoilers ahead. The Golden Bachelor finale is on the horizon and some fans are convinced they’ve already figured out who walks away with Gerry Turner’s final rose.

One eagle-eyed viewer on Reddit claims the answer can be found by examining the social media activity of the final two contestants, Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist. The Redditor went on to claim that they determined the Golden Bachelor winner in “less than five minutes” after scrolling through Leslie and Theresa’s Instagram profiles.

“The winner of the Golden Bachelor is going to be Theresa,” the Redditor claims, writing that after reviewing Theresa’s Instagram activity from Oct. 24 onward, she is by far the most engaged with followers compared to the other women.

As noted on Reddit, Theresa’s frequent Instagram activity could indicate her victory on the show, as she appears to have liked references to her winning The Golden Bachelor — including one fan comment that reads: “Congrats on him choosing you! I think you’ve given it away.”

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner.ABC/Craig Sjodin

The user also pointed out that Theresa has interacted with Instagram comments relating to her and Gerry’s relationship. “I did not see this activity from Faith or Leslie,” they added.

However, the Redditor doesn’t believe Theresa and Gerry will get engaged after Gerry gives her the final rose. They surmised this from the fact that Theresa liked a fan comment that reads: “Rumor is he didn’t pick anyone, or he did but there’s no engagement.”

The Theory Rules Leslie Out

Further explaining their fan theory, the Redditor pointed out that Leslie’s apparent lack of enthusiasm about Gerry and the show on Instagram is possibly quite telling.

“The overwhelming majority of comments that Leslie had interacted with, either by liking the comment or by directly responding to it, didn’t necessarily have anything to do with Leslie and Gerry,” the user wrote.

It’s worth noting, however, that a recent TikTok shared by Leslie left many fans convinced that she could well be Gerry’s final pick.

Leslie Fhima and Gerry Turner.Disney/John Fleenor

Fans Are Divided

Many in “Bachelor Nation” agreed with the user’s assessment. “This is good detective work,” wrote one fan, who also joked: “It’s funny how even on social media Theresa seems to be oversharing.”

However, not everyone is on board with the theory, and some viewers aren’t convinced that social media activity provides any concrete evidence.

“I like the research, but I don’t think Theresa liking posts is indicative of her affirming them,” one user chimed in. “I think she just likes that people think Gerry should pick her — it’s a compliment.”

Will this particular Golden Bachelor theory come to fruition? Fans will find out during the all-important series finale that will air after Thanksgiving, on Nov. 30.

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