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Everything To Know About The Undeclared War Season 2

The Channel 4 drama uncovers the stark reality of cyber attacks.

by Rachel Mantock
Channel 4's 'The Undeclared War': Adrian Lester, Hannah Khalique-Brown, and Simon Pegg
Channel 4

Peter Kosminsky’s new political drama, Channel 4’s The Undeclared War, takes place in the future, in an imagined world where Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been replaced by fellow Tory Andrew Makinde, portrayed by Adrian Lester. With a general election on the horizon, security is at an all-time high. Yet still, a vicious online cyber attack threatens to derail everything.

If you’re keen to delve into The Undeclared War Season 1, you might be wondering how likely it is that the show will have a long future. Though it’s set in the close future (2024), it’s not like there’s a lack of political material to go around, to conjure up opposite scenarios for. After all, there’s an endless stream of real life events that can inspire the show’s writers and producers.

But, even so, there’s been no official word of a second season for the political thriller, yet. That’s not to say there won’t be. The Undeclared War S1 is barely fresh out the tin. News of a potential second season may arrive when the first draws to a close. With The Undeclared War S2 up in the air, it’s not clear who of the cast are likely to return, either.

Currently, Shaun Of The Dead’s Simon Pegg stars as Daniel Patrick, the Head of Communications at the intelligence agency GCHQ. Hannah Khalique-Brown is Saara Parvin, a GCHQ intern. The pair join the likes of Mary Rylance, Alex Jennings, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Edward Holcroft, and more.

According to Deadline, seven time BAFTA winner Kosminsky (Wolf Hall, The Salisbury Poisonings) researched the series for at least three years, consulting with intelligence experts in both the UK and U.S. Surely, he must have enough juicy intel to stretch to a second season, at least? We can only hope.