These Bridgerton Continuity Errors Are Almost As Infuriating As The GoT Coffee Cup

One of the mistakes is in the very first episode.


As badly as Bridgerton fans want to be transported back to Regency-era London, they've noticed some things in the series that didn't quite exist in the 1800s. These Bridgerton mistakes are reminding Game of Thrones fans of the Starbucks coffee cup that inexplicably appeared in the background during the HBO series' final season. What makes it more hilarious is that one of the modern-day gaffes is in the Netflix show's very first episode.

During the opening scene of Bridgerton, at around the 3:19 mark, a painted yellow traffic line can be seen on the side of the road where horse-drawn carriages pass by. According to the Daily Mail, yellow lines were not used on British roads until the 1950s, long after cars were invented in 1886. Some eagle-eyed viewers also noticed some other modern mistakes in the series, including a poster from British clothing retailer Primark, a manhole cover, and a parking sign on a lamppost.

The historical mistakes in the hit Netflix series are very reminiscent of the now-infamous water bottle and coffee cup that were spotted in Game of Thrones, which takes place in the late BC and early AD eras (albeit in a fantasy world), long before there was a Starbucks on nearly every city street corner. Hey, at least cars were in Daphne and Simon's (distant) future.

Immediately, viewers took to Twitter to point out the mistakes for those who overlooked them, with many joking that the Brits on Bridgerton were true pioneers. One social media user even recalled how some shows would paint over those lines to prevent these errors.

However, other fans didn't take the mistakes that seriously, choosing instead to focus on the characters' intriguing storylines — or in the case of the Duke of Hastings, his looks.

Despite the continuity errors, a ton of people loved the show, with Netflix reporting that 63 million households have tuned into Bridgerton since its Christmas Day premiere. Its resounding success has made the streaming service renew Bridgerton for a second season, which is currently scheduled to start filming in March.

In an Instagram note posted by production company Shondaland, Lady Whistledown confirmed that the entire cast will return and revealed that "Lord Anthony Bridgerton intends to dominate the social season." And while there's not a ton of info about the next season, there's one thing we know for sure: Fans will now be on the lookout for even more mistakes.