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Are Tyler & Jess Together After Bachelor In Paradise?

One Reddit user spotted a telling social media post.

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A 'Bachelor in Paradise' spoiler teases that Jess Girod and Tyler Norris are not together after thei...
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Spoilers ahead for Bachelor in Paradise Season 9. Heading into BiP’s sixth episode, Tyler Norris and Jess Girod were both coupled with other people, but after their unexpected beachside snogging session, there’s a chance they could be end game.

But first, they’ll need to sort out their respective relationships with Mercedes Northup and Blake Moynes. Jess had already suggested that she and Blake “explore other options” — and he instantly hit it off with new arrival Genevie Mayo — but Tyler and Mercedes had seemed pretty solid.

“Mercedes is my girl, obviously, but Jess was somebody that I wanted to meet when I came down here and I wanted to explore that,” Tyler reasoned in a confessional.

Paradise Lost?

Previews for the Nov. 9 episode suggest that Tyler and Jess don’t end up together. In one clip, Jess tearfully tells producers, “I feel like I’m just watching everyone [else] be in love.”

Jess and Blake were an unlikely pairing from the get-go. “I’m surprised and not surprised by Blake and Jess,” BiP’s resident bartender, Wells Adams, recently told Bustle.

“They’re both so sweet, that I totally get it — but then I am surprised [because] I could totally see Jess being into a bad boy. Because it would be the opposite of what she is. But no, she likes very nice boys… at least so far.”

A Spoiler Might Reveal Tyler’s Fate

Whether or not Jess and Tyler get together on the ABC series, it appears Tyler has a new girlfriend — but she’s not from Bachelor Nation.

On Reddit, one user shared a widely circulated social media ad for a monthly snack subscription box called Universal Yums. In the video, which fans spotted on Instagram and Facebook, a woman identified as former The Voice contestant Alyssa Sheridan gives an honest review of the brand’s Czechia-themed box, which dropped in September. (For context, ABC filmed BiP Season 9 in June.)

“I had so much fun trying these with my boyfriend,” Alyssa says in the clip, which then cuts to Tyler feeding her one of the snacks.

While Tyler hasn’t publicly addressed his current status — and likely won’t until after BiP — the couple seems plausible.

On Instagram, Alyssa says she’s based in Southern California, and Tyler, a New Jersey native, has shared that he’s currently living in San Diego.

At a minimum, they at least follow each other on social media. Stay tuned.

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