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Wells Adams Set Up Michael & Danielle On Bachelor In Paradise

The Paradise newcomer’s arrival wasn’t a *total* surprise.

Michael and Danielle's 'Bachelor in Paradise' relationship included a moment we didn't see on screen...
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby’s Bachelor in Paradise relationship has defied the odds — not in its ability to overcome beach drama, but in its ability to circumvent it altogether. So far in Season 8, Danielle’s miraculously timed arrival has prevented Michael from going home roseless. And apparently, producers support the relationship so much that they let Michael and Danielle sit out the cast shake-up that’s been wreaking havoc on virtually every other couple (except, you know, Brandon Jones and Serene Russell).

However, there’s more to Michael and Danielle’s relationship than meets the eye, as bartender Wells Adams recently revealed on Twitter. While live-tweeting the show’s Oct. 17 episode, Wells revealed that he played an active role in facilitating Michael and Danielle’s serendipitous, 11th-hour love story. As Michael shared his concerns about going home with Wells, the Bachelor in Paradise mainstay told Michael not to worry so much. “Things change, like, pretty fast here in Paradise,” he said. “So, just, keep being positive, keep being you.”

Later during the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, Danielle arrived as if by magic — but as it turns out, Wells actually planned for her to seek out the lovelorn Michael. “Oh, it wasn’t low key,” Wells tweeted, in response to a fan who said he was “lowkey ... playing matchmaker.”

“They cut it, but I told @MichaelAllio I had someone for him and then walked up the steps of paradise, welcomed @daniellemmaltby and told her to go find Michael.

So, did Wells’ matchmaking work out long-term? Well, spoilers ahead for Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, but Michael and Danielle are rumored to leave the beach as a couple. As Cosmopolitan reports, the pair also attended Wells and Sarah Hyland’s wedding back in August. So clearly, Wells is a fan of the two.

But some Bachelor in Paradise viewers aren’t big of fans of the new couple, especially those who want justice for Sierra Jackson — who, you’ll remember, sent herself home after Michael said he was “trying to find a way back to happiness,” and didn’t want to hurt her in the process.

While live-tweeting the Oct. 17 episode, Sierra said she felt “highly disrespected,” and also seemed to describe the setup between Michael and Danielle as “convenient.”

Reality Steve, Bachelor Nation’s go-to commentator and spoiler provider, also shared his views about Michael and Danielle’s Paradise situation. “If you don’t think that Michael was allowed to stay and not leave bc they knew he was interested in Danielle and production knew they were bringing her in, then you don’t know how this all works,” he wrote in an Oct. 17 tweet. “So obvious what was happening here.”