Angus Cloud Revealed Fezco’s Letter To Lexi & What Would’ve Happened If He Saw Her Play

“He would’ve been pretty excited.”

Fez looking at Lexi in 'Euphoria.'
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Euphoria fans started shipping “Fexi” in full-force after Fezco (Angus Cloud) and Lexi (Maude Apatow) unexpectedly formed a flirtationship following the New Year’s Eve party in Season 2’s premiere episode. Over the new season’s eight episodes, the two characters continuously grew closer while Lexi planned her controversial Our Life play, written about her friends, family, and classmates. Fezco supported her artistic endeavor and even planned to attend with a flower bouquet and hand-written note in hand. However, Fezco never made it to the play due to a violent, drug-related police raid and shootout at his house in the Season 2 finale. In a new interview with Variety, Cloud revealed the contents of Fezco’s letter to Lexi and spoke about the character’s potential reaction to seeing Our Life.

If Fezco ended up arriving to see Lexi’s play, Cloud told the publication, “I think he would’ve thought it was awesome. He would’ve been pretty excited.” After the show, Cloud’s character would’ve delivered Lexi her flowers and letter, which the actor says “was just, like, a congratulations.”

“I think they both know there’s a vibe going on. Definitely taking it to the next level with them flowers and whatnot,” detailed the actor. “So I think the letter was just being like, ‘Yo, good job for f*cking doing you.’”

Angus Cloud & Maude Apatow of EuphoriaJeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

Ahead of the official Our Life performance, Fezco and Lexi shared phone calls about their favorite movies and television shows, bonding over their shared love for Stand By Me and Fezco’s lone appreciation for Little House on the Prairie. But does Cloud’s character’s taste line up with his own? “Stand by Me, I’ve seen it fo’sho. Little House on the Prairie, not so much. A little bit,” he said in the interview before detailing his own choice for a romantic flick. “I don’t know. Like on a date, if it was a first date type of sh*t, I would put on one of those Hayao Miyazaki joints.”

When Lexi actually showed her play to the school, it received mixed reactions, with her sister Cassie storming the stage to angrily claim Lexi is merely jealous of her popularity. The stage manager insists the show must go on, but after seeing another scene about herself, Cassie attacks one of the actors — prompting Maddy to get out of her seat and launch their long-awaited fight over Cassie’s relationship with Nate.

If Fezco was in the audience, Cloud doesn’t think his character would’ve stepped in to stop it. “Intervene, no,” he theorized to Variety. “But I would have stood out of my chair like, ‘Oh sh*t! Fight! Fight! Fight!’”