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Susie Has Been Dropping Hints That She’s Single After The Bachelor On Instagram

She warned Clayton there were some things she can’t compromise on for an engagement.

Clayton's top 3 finalist Susie Evans in 'The Bachelor' Season 26

Even if Clayton picks Susie Evans in the Bachelor finale, she may not choose to continue their relationship. She hinted as much in a preview clip for the March 8 episode, responding to Clayton with surprise after he confessed he was in love with her. “I adore you. I think you’re incredible. But there are things I feel like I can’t compromise,” she says. “I know you’ve just told me that you feel like you’re in love with me, but I don’t know. Do you feel that same way with somebody else? Or have you slept with another woman? Those are things I think would be impossible to move forward towards an engagement.”

As the season’s promos have made clear from the beginning, Clayton admitted to being in love with three women and sleeping with at least two of them during their Fantasy Suite dates. That obviously seems like it will be a dealbreaker for Susie, though we don’t yet know if she’s the woman Clayton planned to give his final rose. Other previews show Susie in tears — along with fellow finalists Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey — which doesn’t exactly bode well for a happy ending. In fact, several fan theories have suggested that Clayton ends up alone. And everything Susie has been doing since the show ended suggests she’s still single, too.

After Bachelor filming wrapped, Susie returned to Instagram on Nov. 25, sharing that she was heading home for the holidays. (One Reddit sleuth pointed out that both she and Clayton, perhaps not-so-coincidentally, posted on Instagram within 20 minutes of each other after the season ended.)

A few days later, Susie apologized for not replying to messages “in ages.” She also quickly returned to her work as a wedding videographer in Virginia Beach, sharing on Dec. 1 that she’d shot a “beautiful couple’s” big day. Her other posts from the time period show she was spending a lot of time with her friends and family, even referring to herself as a “bit of a mess” in a Dec. 14 caption.

That description doesn’t exactly fit someone who’s newly engaged, and a pair of February Instagram captions only further hinted that Susie isn’t in a relationship right now. On Valentine’s Day, she wrote, “I recently heard the quote l, ‘I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.’ Said by D.H Lawrence and I can’t get it off my mind.” A week later, she captioned another photo, “One thing I am really good at is knowing that everything is going to be okay.” Add those to her first post of 2022, which included the text, “Not looking back,” and it seems like Susie is looking to pick up the pieces and move on after a difficult time.

On Jan. 27, Susie also revealed that she temporarily moved in with her parents — something she said “was much needed.” After two months there, her mom and dad helped her move into a new apartment. Susie wrote on Instagram that she felt “like the luckiest girl” thanks to her family and friends.

All in all, it seems like Susie has been focused on herself and loved ones since appearing on The Bachelor — not spending time with a new fiancé. Obviously, she could just be particularly good at avoiding spoilers and even intentionally trying to throw viewers off. It’s also possible that, assuming she and Clayton don’t end up together, the door is open to a reconciliation: both Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss and host Jesse Palmer have teased that Clayton’s season isn’t “over” even months after production wrapped. We’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out in the March 15 finale.