Did ABC Actually Reveal Clayton Echard’s Final Three Bachelor Contestants?

“People feel like [ABC] showed so much, but they showed so little,” Clayton tells Bustle.

Bachelor Clayton Echard talks to Bustle about those final three "spoilers"
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In 2015, Bachelorette fans went into a frenzy when Kaitlyn Bristowe shared a photo of her in bed with Shawn Booth via Snapchat, which spoiled Season 11 for viewers. At the time, HuffPost reported ABC was “very, very mad” at Kaitlyn’s reveal. Now, the TV network might be guilty of a similar offense after a recent trailer for Clayton Echard’s Bachelor season potentially unveiled his final three contestants.

A lengthy new trailer for Season 26 of The Bachelor aired during an episode of The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All on Dec. 6. The video showed clips of the contestants vying for Clayton’s love, and at one point, the mood shifted when Clayton made a shocking confession to two women.

“I just want you to know that what I’m about to say is not going to be easy to hear,” he began after ABC showed the backs of two women, one who appeared to be blonde and the other brunette. “I want to be fully, fully transparent, and I know it’s not easy to hear, but I was intimate with both of you,” Clayton continued as the faces of two blonde and brunette women were exposed. Following Clayton’s statement, the brunette walked away in tears, saying, “I’m done,” while the blonde woman also cried. “I’ve never felt pain like this before,” she said. It’s unclear if the blonde, brunette, or a different woman in question is the one heard saying, “He’s in love with all three of us?” in the video.

Prior to the Men Tell All episode, Clayton told Good Morning America viewers he “did find love” on the show and was “so pleasantly surprised that things worked out much different” than expected. Even though the official season trailer showed plenty of drama, the teaser clip caused a stir, as many wondered if the identities of Clayton’s final three women were prematurely revealed. Page Six described the video as “unusually spoiler-filled,” and based on their own research, TVInsider reported that contestants Gabby W., Genevieve P., and Rachel R. are Clayton’s final three.

However, the trailer may be a total red herring. Clayton tells Bustle that there’s multiple teasers showing different women as the potential final three contestants. “I’ve seen promos where at this point, I’ve seen nine or ten different faces of those final three,” he says. “Of course I know who they are, but as far as people saying we know who those final three are, what promo are you going off of?” Clayton knows that some fans think the season has been spoiled, but urges fans to keep watching. “It showed hardly anything,” he adds. “There was so much that … you have to ask yourself, how did that become a thing, how did he get to that point where he’s saying that? You don’t just get to that point and say that on the fly ... People feel like [ABC] showed so much, but they showed so little.”

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On Dec. 6, Reality Steve also gave his “quick reaction” on Twitter about the clip. “When he’s standing there telling 2 women he was intimate w both, that’s Sarah (brunette) and Rachel (blonde). My guess this was in Vienna before he Sarah went home/was sent home & he kept Rachel,” he speculated. On Dec. 7, Reality Steve thought Gabby, Rachel, and Susie must be the final three women. “How that final 3 elimination went, I don’t know yet. What we do know is that Clayton found love this season (something he admitted on GMA), so whatever drama they want you to believe ensued from that conversation of saying he was intimate with ‘both of you’ obviously didn’t derail anything,” he added.

As of Dec. 10, the identities of the women in the trailer haven’t been confirmed. That said, a potential list (with photos) of Clayton’s Bachelor contestants, including Gabby, Genevieve, and Rachel, and Susie, was posted on the Bachelor Facebook page in September. Happy sleuthing!

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