This Bristol Street Went Back To The ‘90s For The Lazarus Project

The characters weren’t the only ones travelling in time.

by Rachel Mantock
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This Bristol Street Went Back To The ‘90s For 'The Lazarus Project'

If you were a fan of Tenet, then Sky’s new sci-fi drama, The Lazarus Project, is definitely right up your street and is set to be quite the time travel epic. The Lazarus Project trailer teased plenty of scenes of explosive action, car chases, and dry humour. From slow motion police car flips to time lapsing multi collisions, it’s got it all. If this eight-part thriller is on your watch list (and it should be), you might be wondering, where was The Lazarus Project filmed?

Filming for the new series took off in early 2021, mainly across various Bristol locations but also in a few locations dotted around London and Wales (produced by Welsh company Urban Myth Films, per Wales Online). Although on-screen, the plot of The Lazarus Project is set in London, with stints elsewhere in Europe.

The series follows rookie time hopper George (played by Paapa Essiedu), who wakes up in the past one day with no explanation. Faced with close relationships and a career that all suddenly haven’t happened yet, he’s recruited to a secret organisation. A group that reverse time to avoid world disasters, but strictly only then, which becomes a problem for George when an accident happens to someone he loves but Lazarus won’t let him turn back time to undo it.

And speaking of time hopping, south Bristol’s East Street (Bedminster) was transformed into a ‘90s replica of itself for filming, per The Express. It featured circa ‘00s style bookie and electrical store shop fronts, dressed specially for the set.

Scenes were also shot in Bristol’s Brandon Hill and Christmas Steps streets, on Ashton Avenue’s Swing Bridge, and by King Street and Unity Street. Plus, at The Engineers House (Clifton Down) and Brunel House, per the Bristol Post. For indoor shots, the film crew set up inside houses along Brighton Street, Maywood Crescent (Fishponds), Berkeley Square (Clifton), Barton Green (Barton Hill), Brighton Street, and Argyle Road (St Paul’s).

On the decision to base filming for The Lazarus Project in Bristol, line producer Darren Green explained: “Bristol centre and surrounding areas work well for doubling up as London streets and bars and clubs. Some of the larger buildings throughout the city centre replicate the look of London buildings and streets.” Adding, “Filming in Bristol has always been a pleasure… the community and local businesses willing to help and be helpful”.

While Bristol City Council’s senior film manager, Laura Aviles commented, “This show sees parts of Bristol doubling for London, Romania, and Paris, with gripping stunt scenes and getaway sequences, so there’s lots to look forward to for action-thriller fans!”

The Lazarus Project is now available to watch on Sky Max and streaming platform NOW.

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