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Who Went Home On The Bachelorette Week 2? Gabby & Rachel Teamed Up Against *This* Suitor

Eleven men have left the show since the premiere.

Gabby and Rachel's latest 'Bachelorette' episode saw the departure of several contestants. Photo via...
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Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s Bachelorette season didn’t get off to the most conventional start — which, fair, because they’re the franchise’s first pair of co-leads ever. “[The producers] were really open to all of our suggestions and kind of what felt right to us in the moment,” Gabby recently told Bustle of the debut dual season, adding that “they were really taking note of our input.” Among those suggestions? Canceling the first rose ceremony to give both Gabby and Rachel more time to connect with their 32 contestants.

But a week later, that timeless Bachelor/ette tradition has returned. Yes, Week 2 featured the season’s first rose ceremony — and it definitely helped Gabby and Rachel cull out the crowded contestant pool, with the elimination of six men. However, two more contestants actually exited the chat before the rose ceremony even took place — proving, once again, that Gabby and Rachel aren’t wasting their time on suitors who aren’t quite the right fit.

Wondering who went home on The Bachelorette last night? Here’s a recap of everyone who left the show in Week 2 — and how Gabby and Rachel teamed up to send off one controversial contestant, in particular.

Why Did Jordan V. Go Home On The Bachelorette?

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Week 2 saw Rachel and Gabby get to spend more time with their potential suitors — and at first, Rachel’s solo date with race car driver Jordan Vandergriff seemed to be going OK! On paper, anyway — but as Rachel explained in a confessional, “He’s here for me, he’s being honest, but the more the day’s progressing, I just feel like there’s something missing.”

Ultimately, Rachel decided to send Jordan home. “I do truly apologize, because you are absolutely incredible,” she says. “I can’t tell you enough.” Both handled the moment super graciously, and Jordan assured Rachel he understood as she walked him out.

Why Did Chris Go Home On The Bachelorette?

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A little less emotional was Chris Austin’s elimination from the show. The mentality coach not only talked about fantasy suites as if getting to that level was a given, but he also told his fellow contestants it would be a “dealbreaker” (?!) if “the person who I'm most interested in decides that she's going to have sex with multiple people and feel it out.”

If that sounds gross (and maybe a little too reminiscent of Clayton Echard’s fantasy suite drama), you’re not alone. Gabby told Rachel that “it seems very controlling and I think it’s disrespectful of our journey and our process” to be bringing up this kind of ultimatum — this early on, no less! — and the pair teamed up to send him home.

Who Else Went Home On The Bachelorette Week 2?

At the first official rose ceremony of the season, Gabby and Rachel finally narrowed down the competition by sending home several men. John Anderson, Justin Budfuloski, Colin Farrill, Brandan Hall, Matt Labagh, and Ryan Mula were sent home during The Bachelorette Week 2’s rose ceremony.