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Michelle Sent Another Villain Home On The Bachelorette

“I feel like our trust was completely broken.”

Michelle and Jamie on 'The Bachelorette'
ABC/Craig Sjodin

For most of the Nov. 3 episode of The Bachelorette, it seemed like Jamie Skaar had gotten away with stirring the pot. Though he lied to Michelle that the other men in the house were speculating about whether or not she had a pre-existing relationship with Joe Coleman — causing her to get upset and cancel the cocktail party — none of the other men knew who’d told her the information, and they seemed to have moved on. That is, until Rick Leach tried to assure Michelle during some alone time that people weren’t, in fact, questioning her character, and that her addressing the situation had come out of the blue.

Michelle then revealed that Jamie had been the one to tell her, and Rick and Nayte immediately confronted him. “She told me that the message was that we were questioning her character,” Rick said. Jamie responded that a “character” was created because of “ongoing conversations” among the men, but — as viewers all know — Jamie was the only one talking about Michelle’s relationship with Joe. When asked exactly which conversations he’d heard, Jamie couldn’t give a straight response.

As soon as Michelle returned to the room, she could sense the tension. Jamie started explaining what happened and why he’d said what he did. But Michelle wasn’t buying it. “You had brought up that one of your friends had mentioned that they saw me in Minnesota walking with a light-skinned dude,” she said. “It became a thing that it wasn’t and that’s where I’m really struggling.” She then pulled Jamie aside to talk in private and told him that she felt like their “trust was completely broken” before sending him home.

Some Twitter users commended Michelle for seeing through Jamie’s story. “Michelle called out Jamie and I finally realized why all future bachelorettes should be fifth grade teachers,” one fan wrote.

Others simply rejoiced that he was gone. “Jamie being walked out brought me so much joy,” said one person plainly.

Jamie, too, chimed in online. On his Instagram Stories, he invited his followers to a viewing party for the episode. “Can’t wait for this episode,” he teased. He also posted a statement hours before the show addressing the comments he’d been receiving following his conversation with Michelle about the Joe situation. “I know what happened, I know who I am and I know the things that I’ve done,” he wrote. “I hope hat when you watch the show it’s entertaining for you. If there’s meaningful moments even better but remember when you turn off the tv we’re back in the real world and it’s not the same.”


When comments calling him out for his behavior started rolling in, he posted a screenshot making fun of them. “And it begins,” he wrote alongside laughing emojis.