11 Mediations To Manifest Even More Luck On 11/11

Own your power on this auspicious day.

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If you've ever made a wish when you saw 11:11 on a clock, you may already be in tune with the energy and power of this special number — and you may already have an idea as to why many mystics believe 11/11 is the most magical day of the year. In numerology, the number 11 is known to be extremely powerful. It's a master number, and also an angel number — and it's believed to be a code for the energy of spiritual awakening, higher consciousness, and the ability to manifest abundance. How 11/11 will affect you depends on how you choose to use the energy of this special day, but everyone has the power to try to harness it by using meditations for 11/11 to help them connect with their higher selves.

"11/11 is a really good day to think and reflect on the life you want to live, about the person that you want to be, and the things that you want to achieve," psychic medium Nicole Bowman, spiritual advisor on, previously told Bustle. "It's a time to sit and visualize that life, write your goals down, and even draw up business plans." Using a meditation video is an easy way to open yourself up to spiritual energy and allow yourself some quiet space to hear your inner voice.

Whether your goal is to manifest money, find your Twin Flame, receive messages from angels, or just have a moment of peace and quiet, there's a meditation that can help you make it happen. Check out these 11 (haha, get it?) meditations to use on 11/11 that will help you up the vibes on this special day.

1. Meditation for 11/11 Manifestation

Nov. 11 is an ideal day for manifesting what you want to bring into or release from your life, and this helpful guided meditation is a great way to get yourself into the mindset. "During this time, your heart and soul's truest desires are heard through this open portal, and granted, as they are aligned to you souls greatest good," explained the video's description of 11/11.

2. Reset: 11/11 Third Eye Portal Meditation

Some people see the power of the 11/11 portal as a chance to reset and start anew, and this meditation was created with that energy in mind. Note that this isn't a guided meditation but rather a 30-plus minute soundscape to use during your own free meditation focused on your intuitive third eye, so it may be better for more experienced meditators.

3. Money Miracle Meditation

OK, this is what I'm talking about, y'all: manifesting abundance. Yes please. With the nearly-full moon in materialistic Taurus on Nov. 11, now's a wonderful time to do work around career, prosperity, and abundance of all kinds. This short video was designed to help you visualize abundance in your future using the power of 11:11.

4. 11 Hz Meditation

Here's another meditation track that's not guided, but rather just a peaceful background for a personal reflection. But it's not just any ol' soundscape — the tones used are set to 11 hertz, which are believed to have special qualities — it’s used to “achieve ‘relaxed yet alert’ states,” the video description reads.

5. 11:11 Gateway Twin Flame Meditation

The 11/11 portal is associated with the concept of Twin Flames, given the symbolism of its union of two separate, powerful numbers to create an even more powerful portal. This guided meditation from Reiki practitioner, healer, and yoga/meditation teacher Maggie Anderson is designed to use the 11/11 gateway to connect with Twin Flame energy. If you're seeking your Twin Flame or believe you're already in an energetic union with yours, this meditation can help immerse you in that energy and make it all the more powerful.

6. Angelic Higher Self Activation For 11/11

11 is known as an angel number, and 11/11 is believed to be a date when angel messages come through with great strength. This guided meditation was intentionally made to be used leading up to Nov. 11, so feel free to use it either day-of only or as a daily practice in the week leading up to 11/11 to get you in the zone.

7. 11/11 Affirmation Meditation

This guided meditation uses the power of positive affirmations to connect you with the energy of abundance that’s present on 11/11. This meditation specifically speaks to affirmations to connect with the angelic realm, so if you’re looking to receive wisdom from ancestors on 11/11, this meditation may be particularly helpful.

8. Why You Keep Seeing 11:11 & Guided Message Meditation

When it comes to the power of 11/11, there are few coincidences, as it's a number that promotes divine synchronicity. That said, if you find yourself constantly seeing 11:11 on the clock or elsewhere, take it as a sign! This meditation video is designed to help you translate these particular 11/11 messages from the universe and gives you some tips and guidance on what it may mean for you.

9. 11:11 Gateway Meditation: Portal to Divine Love

This lovely guided meditation (with a run time of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, of course), is made to help you connect to the positive, loving energies of the universe on 11/11. "During these gateways the veils between the dimensions are very thin, allowing us to hear our messages, set our intentions and manifest what we desire," according to the video's description. "Enjoy and embrace the energies of this beautiful day."

10. The Awakening Code Of 11.11

This powerful meditation track uses binaural beats set to the frequency of exactly 11.11Hz in order to create the perfect sonic backdrop for your 11/11 meditation session. "1111 is one of the most popular 'Angelic Numbers' and a common sign to many who have felt its significance their entire lives ... It is a calling to new beginning," reads the video's description. "When listening to the 11.11Hz binaural beat one will experience inspired thinking making it a great time for brainstorming." Use this meditation for visualizing your goals.

11. 11:11 Cosmic Gateway Guided Meditation

This guided meditation, designed to be used in conjunction with the powerful energetic 11:11 gateway, combines a vivid, descriptive guided meditation with calming, entrancing visuals to create an ideal meditation for even novice meditators. It clearly instructs the listener on visualization tools and is perfect for 11/11 rituals.

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