How To Use Crystals On 11/11 To Manifest Your Magic

Use them to maximize this lucky day.

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A person holds a handful of crystals for manifesting on 11/11, one of the luckiest days of the year.
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The spiritual meaning of 11/11 in numerology represents divine connection, intuition, and our power to manifest abundance. But the number 11 isn't just powerful when it pops up on the clock — it's also a magical and lucky date that rolls around once a year on Nov. 11. The numerology of 11/11 gives us the perfect opportunity to focus on our higher-minded goals, dreams, and spiritual journeys. Working with crystals on 11/11 is a great way to enhance your manifestation rituals and make the most of the energy.

In numerology, the number 11 is considered a “master number” that corresponds with spiritual growth, wisdom, and truth. When we experience this energy on Nov. 11, it’ll be helpful to focus on what we want to manifest in our lives and practice expanding our consciousness. "11/11 is a really good day to think and reflect on the life you want to live, about the person that you want to be, and the things that you want to achieve," advises psychic medium Nicole Bowman, spiritual advisor on, tells Bustle. "It's a time to sit and visualize that life, write your goals down, and even draw up business plans."

Because the energy of Nov. 11 isn’t just about getting in touch with the universe — it’s also about using that spiritual awareness to create more aligned goals for ourselves and start manifesting our desires into reality. "The number 1 in numerology is about achievement, so 11/11, with all of those 1's in succession, shows that the energy of the universe is conspiring to help you achieve,” Bowman says. “It amplifies whatever it is you want to do, giving you a turbocharge to get it done."

Whether you’re an experienced meditator and manifester or a total spiritual newbie, working with crystal healing is a great way to tap into a higher frequency and give your intentions a mystical boost. Using any of these crystals for manifesting on 11/11 will level up your personal rituals and get you into the zone.

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Angel Aura Quartz

The brilliant rainbow iridescence of the angel aura quartz is created by heat-treating quartz with metals such as platinum or silver, and its energy is just as optimistic and colorful as its appearance. Angel aura quartz helps to connect us with positive energy and align us with the joyful bliss of feeling interconnected with our spirits. 11/11 is often considered an angel number, so angel aura quartz’ association with angelic energy is perfect to work with on Nov. 11.

How to use it: Use angel aura quartz in a gratitude ritual by holding your crystal and allow yourself to get into a meditative state. Once you've cleared your head, make a list of everything you're grateful for in your life, big or small. By acknowledging the abundance that's already in your life, you can help form a mindset that allows for more abundance.


Golden and shimmery, pyrite is the ultimate money-manifestation crystal — and given that 11/11 is a booming day for opportunity when it comes to manifesting abundance, working with pyrite is a must. If you’re trying to level up your business goals or bring more financial freedom into your life, working with pyrite can help to boost your confidence, bring you luck, and allow you to receive.

How to use it: Use pyrite to build an abundance altar or simply put it in your workspace. If you display pyrite in your home, surround it with cash, coins, or other items representing financial abundance to create a lucky altar of abundance. Alternately, you could place the stone on your desk at work to bring the good vibes into your professional life.


11/11 is believed to be one of the luckiest days of the year in numerology, so working with a mystical stone like labradorite makes sense. This crystal is celebrated for its ability to help us tap into our spiritual energy — it’s great for ritual work, seances, or deep meditations.

How to use it: 11/11 is a day to connect with our spiritual sides, so work with labradorite by simply holding it in your hands as you meditate and try to tap into your subconscious mind. Stay open to messages from your inner self (or your spirit guides, if you’re into that) and write down any insights that come through during your meditation.

Spirit Quartz

Another mystical stone that’s great for ritual work or meditation is spirit quartz. This crystal is thought to help align our personal energies and help us more easily integrate the spiritual realm into our physical lives — making it ideal for the inward journeying that we should embrace come 11/11.

How to use it: Because 11/11 is a time of heightened intuition, it's a great day to do some dream work — and spirit quartz can help. Sleep with a spirit quartz next to you or under your pillow on the nights before and after Nov. 11 to help bring about more symbolic and meaningful dreams. This is an especially helpful trick if you’re looking for intuitive insights but have trouble connecting with them in your waking life!


The geometric appearance of bismuth crystals look like something out of a fantasy movie, but it’s believed that their mystical energy is very real. These stones are celebrated for their ability to bring vitality and growth, and to help clear our path of any blockages. While bismuth grows naturally from the earth, most bismuth crystals available for purchase are grown in a lab — but they're still very powerful conduits of energy for visualization.

How to use it: Bismuth is often used for spiritual journeying, making it perfect for an 11/11 visualization. Start by making a list of the things you want to invite into your life. Then hold your bismuth in your hand, and spend 15 minutes or so clearly visualizing exactly how it will feel once your goals are actualized.

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