9 Things For People Who Overheat While Sleeping

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I’m the type of person who usually passes out the second my head hits the pillow — unless said pillow feels like someone took a blowtorch to it a few minutes prior, and my bed is more of the same. Fortunately, the internet has tons of things for people who sweat at night, because it’s apparently a pretty common problem. While nighttime sweating can be a sign of a larger health issue (like neurologic conditions, hormone imbalances, and menopause) some people just run hot instead of cooling off, like you’re supposed to while your body prepares for sleep. If you're overheating at night, consider adding a fan to your space, swapping out your bedding for more breathable options, sleeping in lighter-weight pajamas, or adding things to keep you cool to your bedtime routine.

Editor's note: Check with your doctor if you experience symptoms of overheating for extended periods of time to get specific advice.

Of course, there are obvious solutions to feeling overly hot while you sleep, or while you’re trying to pass out in the first place. You could get a fan. You could turn the air conditioning down, or you could ask your significant other/pets /both to sleep on the couch, because they’re like little mini radiators in your bed. Swapping out your bedding for some of the best cooling sheets can also get a great solution. For some people, however, these options just aren’t plausible — AC makes me sneeze, and I’ve waited way too long for a puppy to send it out of the room at night. If you can’t cool down before bed, and you find yourself sweating all night long, check out these innovative products to keep you cool during the night.

1. Cooling Sheets That Are Great For Night Sweats

A set of cooling sheets is a great investment for any hot sleeper. Breathable fabrics like cotton, bamboo, and linen can make a world of difference in how much airflow you get at night. This set is a bamboo-cotton blend (55% bamboo and 45% cotton), which will feel breathable and be naturally antibacterial. Even better, since the cotton weave of these sheets has a thread count of 300, it'll allow for more airflow (don't be fooled by the hype around high-thread-count sheets, lower thread count is a better option for hot sleepers).

According to one hot sleeper: "Honestly I don't know how I landed upon these sheets in the first place, but I'm so happy I did! They are soft, but don't hold heat. The linen feel is wonderful, and the mixture of bamboo and cotton is probably why they are so breathable and temperature regulating."

  • Available in sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King

2. A Gel Pillow Will Keep Your Head Comfy & Cool

Designed with cooling gel and built-in ventilation, this pillow is a must for sweaty sleepers. While memory foam pillows like this one can be known to trap heat, this one is designed specifically for hot sleepers. Ventilation holes strategically placed throughout allow air to move through (so you sweat less), and the cover is removable and machine-washable, so you can ensure you're sleeping on a clean surface (a necessity for those who sweat at night and don't want their skin break out).

According to one hot sleeper: "The pillow is well ventilated and does not overheat. I got the Queen sized and it is a nice size! I change sides often while I am sleeping and it is nice to have ample pillow space. The cover is easy to remove and wash and has a nice texture to it that adds to the luxury feel."

  • Available in sizes: Standard, Queen, and King

3. Pajamas For Sweaty Sleepers

If you're overheating at night, you've probably given some thought to which pajamas you wear. But, just because heat is affecting your sleep, doesn't mean their aren't pajama solutions for hot sleepers. This fantastic two-piece pajama set is perfect for sweaty sleepers — it's made with a bamboo-derived viscose and spandex for extra comfort. It'll feel lightweight while you sleep, and has the perfect amount of coverage so that you can feel comfortable without the fabric trapping heat. It comes in 13 colors and a wide range of standard and petite sizes, so you can find the perfect one for you.

According to one hot sleeper: "These pjs are awesome! I have a health problem with regulating my temperature, and constantly have night sweats. This is the first time in months/ probably almost a year that I haven't woken up covered in sweat!"

  • Available in sizes: Small - 4X (standard length and petite)

4. A Bedroom Fan That Oscillates To Create A Breeze

‌This oscillating tower fan will create a breeze in your space, and has three speeds, so you can find the perfect one for your space and your preferred noise level. (Pro-tip: The key to finding the best quiet fans is to find one that can operate at multiple speeds, so you can customize the noise level.) This bedroom fan also has a programmable timer that you can set up to 7.5 hours. That means you can program it for when you need it, without worrying about it running up too much energy. And, best of all, this fan has a nighttime setting you can use when falling asleep which will lower the noise level so you can sleep soundly.

According to one hot sleeper: "I bought this fan for when I sleep and it's perfect! I keep it on the highest speed all night. It's great for airflow and white noise!"

5. Thermal Blackout Curtains Can Prevent Your Space From Getting Hot

One big reason you might be overheating at night is because your space is an uncomfortable temperature. And, while fans can cool the space from within, blocking outside heat or light from entering your space is another great overheating hack. These thermal blackout curtains prevent up to 99% of light from entering your space. Their triple-weave fabric is durable and customizable to your space, and it even comes in 21 color options for your space. Over 30,000 Amazon reviewers have tried out these curtains and have given them rave reviews.

According to one hot sleeper: "These curtains are soft and actually repel heat— we live in a hot place. My son loves the blackout because the sun hits his bedroom hard in the morning."

  • Available in sizes: 29-42 inches width, 45-90 inches length

6. An Indoor Thermometer That Measures The Temperature & Humidity Of Your Space

This indoor thermometer is a fantastic purchase for hot sleepers, as it allows you to check the temperature and humidity in your space. The light-up screen allows you to check the temperature of your bedroom without having to turn the lights on. And, when you're done looking, at the tap of your hand the backlight disappears so you won't be disturbed by ambient light. It even gives you a high and low rating for how hot or cool your room temperature has been in the past. It's also wall-mountable, and can be attached with a magnet as well, or you can prop it on your desktop.

According to one hot sleeper: "This product is perfect for a bedroom. It is easy to read the temperature and humidity in the room. The backlight goes on with a touch of the finger."

7. A Breathable Mattress Pad That's A True Game-Changer

‌‌Mattresses, particularly supportive ones made of memory foam, have a tendency to trap heat. Thankfully, a great mattress pad like this one can help allow air to move out of your mattress, and keep you cool in the process. This breathable cotton tencel mattress protector has a low thread count of 300 (great for allowing air to move through the fabric), and is hypoallergenic and can fit mattresses up to 22 inches. This one is also temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, which is essential for any hot sleeper.

According to one hot sleeper: "This pad works great with my foam mattress to help me sleep cool all night long! I had been struggling with night sweats and heard that a 300 thread count might help. I am amazed what a difference it has made!"

  • Available in sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

8. A Eucalyptus Comforter That Breathes

Don't feel resigned to sleeping without bedding if you overheat a lot. There are plenty of cooling comforters out there, including this luxe Buffy comforter. Designed with eucalyptus fiber that breathes, this comforter is soft and lightweight — for extra coziness without weighing you down (or making you overheat). Over 1,000 Amazon reviewers have tried this out and given it great reviews.

Editor's note: I sleep with this comforter and I am obsessed. It's great for it's cooling properties, but it's also one of the comfiest pieces of bedding I've ever had.

According to one hot sleeper: "Really enjoying the Buffy! Perfect for someone who gets hot during the night it provides s cool comfortable feel for a great nights sleep."

  • Available in sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/California King

9. A Cooling Eye Mask You Can Sleep In

This cooling eye mask is an easy upgrade that is great for hot sleepers. Simply pop it in your fridge or freezer and the exterior ice pack will cool. On the reverse side is a soft fabric that'll be gentle against your eyes, and the elastic strap makes it easy to fit it to your head. And, this even performs double duty. You can also heat this eye mask up in the microwave for targeted heat therapy. Thousands of reviewers love this eye mask. And, at just $10, it's a steal.

According to one hot sleeper: "I use it to cool me down when it's [too] hot and sleep with it on it really helps."